1. bickern

    EU - Turkey to open new membership chapter

    Chapter 33 of Turkey's European Union accession process, which covers economic and financial provisions, will be opened on Thursday. Turkey's ambassador to the EU, Selim Yenel, told Turkey's state-run Anadolu Agency (AA) on Tuesday that the opening of Chapter 33 was significant since it is...
  2. kemerkid

    TLF Membership Cull.

    At the end of this month I will have completed five years of membership on the forum. I will also by then have managed to scribe some 9000 trivia filled posts. As I look back over these five years I have seen some people come and some go. Many of whom had input that was both amusing and...
  3. suzyq

    Bosnia submits EU membership application

    Another poor country to prop up if they are successful in their application. Bosnia on Feb. 15 formally submitted an application to join the EU, hoping to catch up with its Balkan neighbors after years lost following the bloody break-up of Yugoslavia. In the early 2000s, Bosnia appeared set to...
  4. bal canavar

    Montenegro NATO membership APPROVED

    If a Sovereign nation makes an independent policy descion as Montenegro has done, what is it to do with Putin's Russia to threaten. Permanent representatives of the 28 NATO member countries gave approval to Montenegro's accession to the Alliance. Montenegro's accession would result in...
  5. Sweetnighter

    Aydem on-line Membership

    Following on from a previous thread is there anyone who has an account with AYDEM who manages to go into their account on-line and if so can you point out on a bill what is the SUBSCRIBER NUMBER and METER NUMBER (as asked for on their website----ENGLISH version) on a AYDEM bill.....many thanks...
  6. giglets

    TLF Membership Reaches 30,000

    Just admitted our 30,000th Member this morning. Fantastic total and testament to this Site's enduring popularity. Well on the way to our One Millionth Post, as well. Biggest and best Forum of it's type, by far.
  7. Jaycey

    Advantage of EU membership (2)

    As the previous thread degenerated into yet another emlak bashing session I'd like to open it again - Mods permitting - hopefully on topic ... Is the EU really all bad? Make us central to a reformed EU, businesses tell CBI - Telegraph
  8. H

    Advantage of EU membership

    Yesterday on a Turkey forum I noticed further reference to fraud theft and other vile actions carried out by certain emlaks. In general I find it exasperating that these actions across Turkey seem unending and that there never seems to be a response from the authorities. Surely thats one great...
  9. tykatem

    Is Turkey giving up on EU membership?

    You know Turkey’s hopes to join the European Union (EU) are in trouble when the state minister whose job is to get the country into the European club begins to have second thoughts about his mission. You may also know that Turkey’s influence in the Middle East would diminish if Ankara does not...
  10. A

    CHP PM: Let's get out of NATO membership

    CHP Gaziantep PM suggestion: NATO support illegal organisations in our country, Let's get out of NATO membership CHP'li vekilden flaþ öneri! | GAZETE VATAN
  11. K

    Gym membership

    Does anyone know roughly what it costs to join a gym in Turkey? I'm looking for something with weights room, fitness classes, sauna and spa area.
  12. suzyq

    Mandelson admits Britain can't go on without referendum on EU membership

    The good news Peter Mandelson will today call for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. The crisis-hit Eurozone will only survive if it operates more as ‘a single political entity’ with its own president and national MPs sitting within the EU, the architect of New Labour...
  13. G

    Costco-Like Membership Discount Stores

    Are there any Costco-like discount stores one can join and buy products at quantity discounts/wide range of products? Similarly, are there any reasonably modern-style furniture stores in the Side/Manavgat area? Thanks,
  14. bickern

    President Gül says Turkey's EU membership a ‘strategic necessity'

    Turkish President Abdullah Gül has said Turkey's European Union membership is a “strategic necessity” for the 27-nation bloc at a time when the international balance of power is shifting toward the East and Asia. President Gül says Turkey's EU membership a ?strategic necessity' He said...
  15. Mushtaq

    Turkey's EU membership bid could founder on wave of Islamophobia

    ISTANBUL — Millions of Europeans arrive here each year to visit historic sites like the Blue Mosque; to savour the aromas of roasting kebabs, barbecued fish and apple-flavoured water pipe smoke; and to haggle with merchants at the energy-oozing Grand Bazaar. But Turkey is increasingly unwelcome...
  16. ceemac

    Erdogan Rules Out Any EU Status Short Of Full Membership

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan re-affirmed that his country would reject any proposal that fell short of full accession to the European Union, adding that Turkey would not swerve from this goal. Here C
  17. H

    Membership nationalities

    How many members of TLF represent following nationalities?
  18. ceemac

    'EU Membership by 2015?'

    I'm completely confused by the whole Turkish EU membership thing as there are so many conflicting statements and reports about it :confused: Here's another; 'Turkey is counting on joining the European Union by 2015 to bolster both its and the EU’s global role, Foreign Minister Ahmet...
  19. ZiaCa'

    Yearly Parking Membership - Iztuzu Beach

    A membership card that will allow visitors to park at Iztuzu Beach will be available at the cost of 50TL from Dal Bell Offices, opposite the Shell Garage in Dalyan. Normal cost for a day parking at the beach is 5TL, so that will mean quite a saving for regular visitors.
  20. R


    Just interested to know how long you have to be a member of the Forum to qualify as a Member? I joined the Forum in December 2005..I am still shown registered as a 'New Member' ?
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