1. Camden

    New Members

    To the many new members I have seen registering ... maybe you/they wish to glean information from this informative site and from the forum regulars who have done it, lived it, got the T-shirt etc ... Why not in return to help the Forum and keep it going for more Newibies in need of...
  2. A89

    Side/Antalya members

    I bought these windmills a few years ago by the side of the D400 between Manavgat and Antalya. I'm desperate to buy replacement sails for them but cant find them anywhere in Alanya. Has anyone seen the windmills on sale anywhere? Can any of you that live in that direction tell me if there are...
  3. T

    Hello Forum Members

    Hello guys I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tony and I have been living / working in Turkey for the last 7 months. I currently live in Sapanca and work in Akyazı. (company house) We are both 60 in the next few weeks and I am now considering buying a house / villa in the Fethiye...
  4. S

    New members

    Must say there has been a steady stream of new members joining over the past few weeks, good to see it Please newbies do post - even if only to introduce yourself get to know the set up etc Short concise posts are just as welcome as the epics us old timers put on Most members don't bite and...
  5. bickern

    Foul language insults aimed at members.

    Please be aware that any profanity aimed at a member here onward will be removed. Calling someone a name jovially is different than a direct insult of calling someone a Barsteward or tw*t or what other way of spelling it. Direct humour using a swear word and a directly aimed swearword will be...
  6. S

    More missing members

    Another 3 good eggs, missing off TLF Millilove Lara Guz There are too many going missing. I do think there's something underhand going on. We demand to be told the truth!!!! Alien abduction? Illuminati? Lizard people kidnapping? Fed up of tossers on Tlf?
  7. S

    TLF Members Xmas dinner

    A Xmas dinner thread got me thinking maybe we could have a TLF Chrissy Din Dins All we need is someone with a posh house to host, couple of our more competent members to cook etc Mushtaq has kindly offered to pay for the food and Spurs will pick up the booze bill with his winnings from his...
  8. S

    New members

    Would it be possible for all new members to let me know in advance what they intend to post- so I can prepare my responses to the confused members who think all new members are me?
  9. immac

    Safety of Forum Members

    I worry about the content of some posts. More accurately, I worry about the careless insults aimed at the Turkish President. Today we have his image morphing into that of Hitler. Regular insults are aired presumably by those who feel distant from the society we discuss on this forum For anyone...
  10. yalimart

    New Members ?

    Any one fancy a new model ? Docs Perform First Successful Penis Transplant Martin
  11. lynda123

    members properties

    How do I qualify to enable me to put a property for sale in members properties? Or do I apply for permission?
  12. beyazbayan

    Seeing TLF members

    Well great surprise today saw another member of the TLF when visiting a friend in Gazi Paşa. Would love to meet more any hopes of a meet up?
  13. Jaycey

    Contacting TLF Members

    I’m confused (again!) … When I look at my own contact details it seems as though I am only contactable via Skype yet when I click on this button it shows me as being off line even when I’m online. And there is no PM button showing, nor an email option although this has been entered in my...
  14. Devon maid

    New members

    Hi from Qatar ,,husband Rob and I (Lyn) will hopefully be moving to Topalar this year. Already reading the varied info and hope to be active members before long.
  15. mollag

    Members Selfies

    I thought it would be nice to view some self taken personal portraits, taken perhaps on one of those clever phones. Yalides has kindly agreed to be first to get us started, feel free to join in! :roundgrin
  16. Mushtaq

    TLF members and their persona?

    Most of the members have never met each other and sometimes I wonder what they are like in real life. Sometimes I wonder which well known character or celebrity a member reminds me of. Here's my list for a laugh, hope no one takes offence. Bikern reminds me of the chef from The Hairy Bikers...
  17. bickern

    Members posting less.

    I am saying this as a fellow member, not as a moderator. I have noticed that some of our more vocal members are being a bit less vocal nowadays which has made me go back through a few posts they made. By vocal I mean those that have a genuine point of view they wish to impart, not the childish...
  18. shirleyanntr

    members blogs

    i dont know much about blogging..but i do know that we have several members who have their own blogs and they make good reading Kym Ciftci has Turkey with stuffing which is first class i hope its ok with the mods to post this Strictly Come Dancing Final ? 2013 | Turkeywithstuffin's Blog...
  19. S

    Members list

    This forum has an impressive 29'712 members. Having a look at the members list today for someone, after going through a few pages I have noticed that on those pages alone on average most people's last post or log on was around 2010. Can we still call them members? Would be interesting to know...
  20. C

    Hello to all forum members

    My name is Colin, İ am living in the Aydin area, İ have been in Turkey for about 10 years and enjoying life as i keep busy with Capital world markets. İ love to read and cook and meet with new people, İ love reading forum topics etc, and socialize once or twice a week, İ am also married to a...
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