1. bickern

    Melissa Reid

    Well, just looking at the pictures of Melissa Reid (Drug Mule) as she arrived in the UK, she does not seem too worse for wear after her time in Peru.
  2. V

    Melissa Garden Centre Eski Datca

    Does someone has the contact details of this garden center? Email or website. Thank you very much in advance! Jeroen
  3. C

    Melissa Campbell

    This is a long shot but i will take the chance .I know in the past it has found friends and contact for many Do any of you know a Melissa Campbell who has an apartment on the Tunali developement in Gumusluk named "Sunlight". We have lost her email address and seriously need to contact her...
  4. G


    Does anyone know if you can buy the plant which smells absolutely lovely named 'Melissa' over here. I smell it nearly everywhere I go when I'm in Turgutreis and although I haven't got green fingers, I would love to have some as it really is a lovely smell. Gail :)
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