1. S

    Mehmet Yildiz of Bodrum Property Solutions

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Mehmet Yildiz of Bodrum Property Solutions, apparently he's gone AWOL!
  2. yalimart

    Mehmet is on his way Does this mean easy access ? no more hoops to jump through. Martin
  3. Kingfisher

    Mehmet Güleç of Cappadocia - beware

    I'm not sure it this is the right place to post to name and shame but here goes, and please if mods can move it it to somewhere where it will be seen then please do, and thank you. We were wiped out by an individual here in Cappadocia called Mehmet Güleç (and yes, we did our homework, and yes...
  4. Özay

    To Mehmet & Johhny

    Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives... You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side now here in this country of ours... you, the mothers, who...
  5. G

    Looking for Mehmet İmamoğlu

    Hi For reasons, at this stage, better only known by myself, i am eager to learn the whereabouts of :- Mehmet İmamoğlu. İ can inform you that for the last few years (but NOT 2010) he was running the establishment known as 'The Codfather' Fish and Chip restaurant, in Turgutreis. During 2010, he...
  6. A

    Mehmet Gilcek of Dalyan?????

    The first time I went to Turkey was in May 1989, some 20 years ago - to Dalyan. In those days there was only one boat man = Mehmet Bilgic and his address then was Merkez Mah. Sarisu Sok No. 8, Dalyan Mugla, Turkey. 3 photos attached. Is he still in Dalyan? Does anyone know of him? His friend...
  7. L

    Linda & Mehmet

    Hi all from both of us, I can see a few friendly faces from the Manchester party, we both haven't been around online much but were stunned at the Degalyian goings on ...... don't know what happened but was sad as I was a member almost from the start and we felt a bit let down. Thanks for...
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