1. butt007

    AGM's, Meetings, etc

    Just been informed by a friend that the Gov. have issued a notice that all assemblies, meetings, AGM's etc. have been postponed for 3 months. Don't know if this means that they are illegal and you are in trouble if you have one or go to one or not? Warren
  2. A

    Yearly owner meetings by zoom/skype?

    Hi Our yearly owner meeting was supposed to have been on 20th August, however, they sent out the invitation letters too late (only 12 days notice) so meeting was cancelled. They gave a new date by email, 23rd September, and some owners have arranged flights to go to the meeting. However, we...
  3. K

    Turkish residency rules update

    The UK in Turkey Facebook page has provided an update on how residency rules are being applied. UK in Turkey Facebook page This is our take on KTLN: KTLN residency article
  4. J

    Advance Notification Of AGM Meetings?

    We have just been given 24 hours notice to say our AGM is tomorrow. There are quite a few of us who can not attend due to the fact we were only given 24 hours notice . If they get the correct quorum and the meeting goes ahead can we say that the meeting is null and void as we weren't given...
  5. suzyq

    British Consulates Meetings in 2014

    The Turkish Ministry of Interior Department of Migration Management and the British Consulates in Turkey are presenting a series of Integration Workshops for British nationals resident in Turkey. These workshops have been designed by the Department of Migration Management to give local British...
  6. S

    Important meetings in SW Turkey

    Another chance to keep up to date with legal changes in Turkey: The Turkish Ministry of Interior Department of Migration Management and The British Consulates in Turkey joint Integration Workshops for British nationals resident in Turkey Workshop programme: System for Acquisition of Property...
  7. K

    AA meetings around Side?

    Hi I'm going to side in April and I'm in AA would like to get a meeting whilst there is there any local meetings? Thanks
  8. kale

    Expat meetings

    British consulate meetings 14. 15 jan community expat meetings Kussadassi. Akbuk. Didim , areas
  9. M

    Annual complex meetings.

    Morning all. As this will be my first owners meeting, I have no idea what should or should not happen, nor what the procedures are. Would anybody happen to have a list/info on the rules/regulations that apply to the annual complex meeting? If so, I would be grateful for copy of this. failing...
  10. V

    Brit Consul meetings soon

    British Consul will be meeting Akbuk expats for the first time and Altinkum residents......... Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Consul meetings for Akbuk and Didim expats
  11. carolk

    Annual General Meetings and myths.

    Lately I have been asked a lot of questions about AGM's. People seem to be under the impression that the AGM can only be held in Turkey, not true!!. An AGM can be held any where in the world where the majority can come together.If you already have AGM's on your complex that you can never...
  12. J

    Date For AGM Sitesi Meetings

    Could anyone who owns a property on a Sitesi tell me how they get notified about the date of thier AGM meeting also how long in advance prior to the meeting do you get notified. I believe the law says you should be notified 15 days before but not sure.For years we have just had a piece of...
  13. J

    Setesi AGM Meetings

    Does anyone know how the law stands on Setesi AGM meetings.Do all owners of properties have to be notified of the date of when the annual general meeting will be and if they are not is the decisions taken at that meeting null and void.We have a site manager who is voted in by the residents,but...
  14. W

    regional meetings

    hi i have an ideal that i would like to put to all you members how about having a meeting in the uk on a regular basis so we can all meet and get to know each other. we could have a turkish night, food etc it could be done on a regional scale say everyone in wales south west england etc...
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