1. L

    any meet ups south of Izmir

    Hi again Came over from UK last week, am settled in Yelki, near Guzelbache, have a car now and looking for some company for me and the spaniei, can anyone recommend any decent dog friendly walks for starters thanks in anticipation Anita
  2. S

    Who would you love to meet

    In a football magazine years ago they had a section where they asked -who in the world would you most like to meet What about you TLFers- If you had the chance who in the world would you most like to meet?
  3. A89

    Meet up in Alanya anyone??

    Ive been approached by one or two members asking for a TLF meet up of Alanya members. Who's interested?? Alison
  4. N

    Looking to meet some ex pats

    Hi all, My name is Stuart and I have lived in the Isiklar area of Antalya since last November but have yet to meet any ex pats! Please contact me if you would like to meet up! I am a young minded 66 yr old Stu
  5. Jaycey

    Meet up in Marmaris

    We’ll be heading back to Marmaris in a week or two and spending the winter there (we lived in Marmaris for a few years before moving to Alanya and then to Ukraine). 1. We are looking for an inexpensive 1+1 residential type hotel not too far from the centre. I recall seeing some small hotels...
  6. Sunny Seasider

    TLF Meet in Yalikavak- Photos.

    Well here they are, it's for you now to guess Who is Who?
  7. shirleyanntr

    Meet the Muhtar

    this is an old post of mine from 2007 but since alison has been having problems with a friends RP i looked back at my time in antakya and thought it might amuse some of you ..Muhtars are very İmportant meet the muhtar if you ever think of moving from your safe villa apartment sitesi or...
  8. suzyq

    Meet Ambassador Richard Moore in various locations

    Meet Ambassador Richard Moore! Our new Ambassador, Richard Moore, will be touring Turkey next week on official visits and would like to meet members of the resident British community at a series of meetings organised by our Consulates in Mugla Province. This will be an opportunity to hear the...
  9. U

    Ariel Sharon goes to meet his maker

    The butcher of Sabra and Shatila finally croaked. A fitting end: eight years in diapers for a war criminal. It is known that a criminal case was brought against his son, Omri. It is also known that a court case in Israel can be postponed if a relative is seriously ill. It is generally...
  10. S

    TLF Meet ups?

    Do Tlfers still have meet ups? I remember years ago there was one such gathering here in Ireland. Some of those present then have fallen from grace, or no longer post but do others still meet up ?
  11. S

    Meet up around Fethiye area?

    What about a meet up for this general area ? Have asked over the road and suggested Kalkan Members from Fethiye, Calis, Kas, Kalkan Ciftlik Ovacik Olu Hiasornu etc could all attend? Eh, eh?
  12. K

    Where to meet up this winter?

    Hi there, wondered if I might find a few suggestions for places you like to have a drink or such around Yali in winter? I will be on ground from Jan. 4th and staying long term, so should like to meet up with friendly folks thereabouts. (PS--I will also explore surrounding areas, so not at all...
  13. J

    Meet the "Bush Babies" (puppies)

    Feel almost guilty about this post after reading the heart-rending story of Gordon in Gökova-- SO hope he finds a good home lovely boy. However, what can you do? they are all so deserving. These are puppies so please ask around-- friends, neighbours, contacts etc - perhaps someone would...
  14. S

    Sleepy to meet Merkel and Obama?

    BBC News - Lough Erne resort in Fermanagh to host G8 summit
  15. H

    new to forum looking to meet neighbours

    :224xb:my name is Hilary and l have recently moved to Bodrum from Istanbul I have lived in Turkey for thr past 4 years My husband is Turkish and l am English. I really enjoy Turkish life and apart from missing family l dont miss England. We tnew to the area and intend to buy a home in this area...
  16. C

    Happy to meet you all

    Recently moved to istanbul to start a business and hitting zillions of problems - thought maybe you knowledgable guys could help
  17. A89

    Alanya meet up

    If anyone is interested in a lunchtime get together in Alanya in the next few weeks please let me know here or by PM. Happy to organise something. Alison
  18. B

    North and South Korea meet.

    After the mistake with the N. Korean flag at the women's football, it will be interesting to see the reaction of both sides when they meet in the Table Tennis tournament. These are two good sides and the result could go either way. Bill.
  19. D

    Expat meet ups around Calis

    Hi can you tell me if there are any particular bars where ex pats go? or are there any regular meet ups? we are over from the 2nd-16th July and are moving over permanently next year it would be great if we could meet some people already living there, thanks Deb and Malc
  20. L

    Meet up in Turgutries

    Anyone fancy meeting up tomorrow, Sat 9th June at Oasis Bar, Bar Street Turgutries, sorry didn't arrange it sooner but was not able to.
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