1. bickern

    Your first goal is the Mediterranean, Forward - September 1, 1922

    GRECO-TURKISH WAR: BATTLE OF DUMLUPINAR, August 26-30 1922, THE GREEK ARMY OF ASIA MINOR IS ROUTED BY MUSTAFA KEMAL. "Armies, your first goal is the Mediterranean, Forward!" - Mustafa Kemal Pasha, September 1, 1922. After World War I, the Greeks attempted to extend their territory beyond...
  2. hayabusa

    Tsunami to hit the Mediterranean.

    I don't want to cause any alarm, but you should be aware that there is likely to be a Tsunami / earthquake in the sea in the Mediterranean - somewhere near Greece. This is a one in a century event and it's due to happen soon, so all the houses near the sea should be aware of this as some of the...
  3. bal canavar

    Baby caretta carettas begin journey to Mediterranean

    caretta carettas turtles enchanted visitors at the Çıralı beach, when they left their nests and came together with Mediterranean waters. Baby caretta carettas begin journey to Mediterranean in southern Turkey Baby caretta carettas, or loggerhead turtles, enchanted visitors in the Kemer...
  4. v6cod

    Mediterranean House Gecko

  5. raven

    Colors of the Mediterranean' to gather in Bodrum

    Thought this might interest those living in the Bodrum area. One of Turkey's most popular holiday destinations, Bodrum on the Aegean is preparing to host a massive international festival this September. The International Mediterranean Color Festival will be organized with the participation of...
  6. luckycat68

    Secret Mediterranean - Trevor McDonald

    I wonder if anyone was able to watch this programme last night on ITV 1 ? It started with Trevor McDonald travelling , firstly, he did a tour on the Christina O -once the billionares super yacht, Aristotle Onassis-- oh what a ship Next he flew to Izmir , to witness the Camel Wrestling , - def...
  7. ceemac

    Mediterranean seal Badem chooses to avoid tourist season

    Badem, probably the most famous Mediterranean Monk Seal, is back in Turkey after taking herself on a tour of the Greek island of Rhodes during the winter months. Here C
  8. ceemac

    Three die in floods in Turkey's Mediterranean region

    Monday’s storm and floods in western Anatolia led to the deaths of three people and the disappearance of two others in the southern holiday spot of Antalya, news agencies reported. Here C
  9. bobthenob

    Mediterranean roof garden

    I always loved the idea of a Mediterranean roof garden,sitting on the top with a drink and just admire the surrounding scenery with the aromatic fragrance the plants gives off.l also love the sound of the rustling leaves helped along by the gentle breeze during the day. To make a roof...
  10. G

    Black sea or Mediterranean

    Hi all, I need some advise :) couple of years ago i went to a trip in the Medeterinian region by car, i went to pamukale, kemer, fathiye and bodrum and i loved it! This sumer i was planning to go to the black sear area as i have heared it is amazing. Unfortunately i have not found many...
  11. P

    Rick Steins Mediterranean Escapes

    Just switched on to the new Rick Stein food programme. He is travelling the Med from France to Morocco including Turkey, discovering the food and culture of each region. Not sure when the Turkish leg will be on but all worth a watch.BBC2 Wednesday 8pm. Bet I'll get the munchies by the end of it!
  12. VWBug

    Exploring Turkey’s Mediterranean coast

    The southern coast of Turkey from west to east begins with a series of bays, clear blue water, interesting rock formations and sandy beaches. A number of resorts and hotels have been built there in recent years, but some care has been taken to not over build, or at least not yet. Starting from...
  13. merlin

    Cultivating leaders in the Mediterranean....

    Miami Herald Bodrum - In this beautiful Aegean port, on a piece of land with a view across the wine-dark sea from Turkish cliffs to the Greek islands, Akin Ongor envisions establishing an international institute for emerging leaders of the Eastern Mediterranean. For Americans, ''Eastern...
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