1. ted j

    Turkish equivalents of Uk medicines

    KKOB did a thread ages ago which gave the name of a site where you could look up prescription drugs you take in the UK ,and get the Turkish eqivalent and generic name and price set by the government . after locating it, the page is out of date and shows a 404 Has anybody got the current page info
  2. juco

    Turkish medicines website

    This site for prices of medication in Turkey is showing as not found, has it been blocked? Or has the address changed.
  3. tomc1984

    Medicines available in Turkey

    I seem to recall a while back someone posted a website listing all of the medicines available in turkey over the counter, anyone know of this site.
  4. newhorizon

    Medicines available with Prices in Turkey

    A useful link with all medicines available in Turkey together with prices ilacabak ; Turkish vademecum, drug prices, atc classification
  5. ZiaCa'

    Debate on medicines, scientific studies, alternative cures

    Re the aspartame issue, I think it is well known, regardless of what the aspartame-attacking sites say, that formaldehyde is toxic. Over the past few years, I believe that dietary issues have surpassed smoking as a main cause of cancer. Possibly due to poor choices of foods, possibly because of...
  6. newhorizon

    Use of approved experiments using animals to study life saving medicines

    A hugely debated topic, but how do you feel about the use of animals in laboratory controlled environment (e.g. laboratory -rats, mice) if it helped save a life (human)? I realise majority are against animal testing for cosmetic purposes and all leading brands " claim" they have not tested on...
  7. shirleyanntr

    banned medicines

    Recently Reductil was banned in was banned in the US and the UK previously. When it was on sale in Turkey it was around 90 lira(Yusuf lost a weight using them) Yusuf was in Syria this week looking at job prospects and saw Reductil ..and other common medications ....on sale for a...
  8. P

    Obtaining & Cost Of Medicines in Turkey

    Hi we are an english couple wanting to live in Turkey,my husband had a kidney transplant 5yrs ago and is doing very well.Can anyone tell us the address or e/mail for a pharmacy where we can find the cost`s of the medicines he requires.We are looking to live in the Marmaris - Icmeler area. Many...
  9. Pennie

    Medicines available in Turkey

    This is really intended for those hopeful people that want to eventually move out here to this wonderful country, but suffer from illnesses that necessitate taking medicines. Basically, we were a totally unhealthy family, whose second homes were the GP's surgery or the hospital out patients...
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