1. M

    Where is Herbal medicine?

    Does anyone know where to go for herbal medicine and tea such as ashwagandha?
  2. S

    Anxiety cures in alternative medicine?

    I suffer from very bad anxiety......what cures are there in alternative medicine for anxiety?
  3. suzyq

    Smokers in Turkey to not receive free cancer medicine

    Next it will be people who are over weight and people who drink. Turkey’s social security body will not fund cancer treatment medicines for patients diagnosed with lung cancer who have ever had a smoking habit, according to a new regulation that went into effect on Feb. 3. The Social Security...
  4. TNT123

    Free Child Medicine's

    I don't know if the good folk on here who have children know about this scheme. "NHS minor ailments service".Apparently if you go to any Pharmacy and fill out the form,any over the counter medicines for your child ie: Calpol and such is free,the NHS picks up the bill.My daughter was told about...
  5. suzyq

    Lack of cancer medicine leads to black market

    Worrying situation. Cancer drugs are starting to find their way onto Turkey’s black market, amid a growing conflict between drug firms and the Health Ministry over pricing policies. Cancer drugs that normally cost 52 Turkish Liras can fetch 900 liras in the oncology units of hospitals, daily...
  6. F

    Buying medicine pharmacy

    Can I buy qysmia/qsiva or phentermine in pharmacies in Turkey? Thank you
  7. juco

    Dangers with grapefruit and medicine

    I thought it worth flagging this up as it appears to be largely ingnored by the medical profession, the reason I say this was when I went to cardiac rehab a few years back the nurses taking this class were not aware and actually had posters advertising grapefruit to promote health and I have...
  8. C

    Suncream and medicine

    Just want to know is it better to take suncream and medicine such as headaches tablets and capol for the kids or is it as cheap to buy out in altinkum?
  9. Y

    What is a 'Rapor' for prescription medicine

    sI've recently got organised with the new government health insurance and its definitely operational and paying out for hospital appointments and tests etc I need to take several different tablets contiously for different problems. When I last saw a doctor I asked him if he could prescribe me...
  10. hijo

    wonders of medicine..

    this story caught my eye today .... baby boy born with six legs has had four of his limbs successfully removed by surgeons in Pakistan, according to reports. Umar Farooq was born with a rare genetic disorder called polymelia in which an embryo starts as conjoined twins in the womb. One of...
  11. Esther Mofet

    DESAL‏ Diabetic Medicine Needed.

    Hello All. Help would be apreciated with this problem please. I have freinds coming over to Turkey who are diabetic. Because of strict transit laws about transporting this medicine I would like to know where to get this medicine and how much it costs here in Turkey. The Turkish name is Desal...
  12. H

    Buying prescription medicine

    Can I buy Ventolin/Salbutamol at the pharmacy in Dalyan ? Just want to make sure in case I run out/lose them etc etc Thanks guys
  13. F

    Anyone willing to send regular medicine to the UK?

    Wasnt really sure where to put this and I probably expect to get some flack for it.. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone who would be willing to send some medicine over every 10 days or so? I am prepared to pay £25 or so for your time, each time plus the cost of the medicine and postage on top?-...
  14. bobthenob

    advanced medicine on the up

    ln pharmacology,all drugs have two names,a trade name and generic name. For example,the trade name of Tylenol also has a generic name of Acetaminophen.Alive is also called Naproxen.Amoxil is also called Amoxicillin and Advil is also called lbuprofen. The FDA has been looking for a generic name...
  15. rafiki

    Chinese medicine

    Chinese Medicine A week after arriving back home from Mongolia, a bloke wakes one morning to find his todger covered with bright green and purple bumps. Horrified, he immediately goes to see a doctor. The doctor, never having seen anything like it, orders some tests and tells the man...
  16. T

    Complimentary Medicine

    I'd be interested to hear other members views on complimentary medicine. I have studied and practiced reflexology, aromatherapy, positive thinking, to name but a few, for the past 25 years. This, I believe, has had a huge affect on my own life and on the lives of my family and friends. Please...
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