1. A89

    unused medication.

    Can anyone tell me what we are supposed to do with unused tablets here please? I have lots of high strength Magnesium. Motilium 10mg. Double action gaviscon tablets and loads of paracetamol from UK. If anyone in Alanya can use any of them just PM me, seems a shame to just throw them all away...
  2. J


    Hi, sorry folks begin to sound like a dying demic lol am not I have an under active thyroid my meds here in UK are on repeat prescription, I've managed to get 6 months worth off my GP but now wondering if anyone knows if I can fetch that amount of tablets with me and should they be in hand...
  3. Yildez Datca

    Medication available in Turkey

    Some time ago I remember a post listing the names, generic names, and availability of medication in Turkey. I'm sure I saved the link but appear to have deleted it. Can anyone re-post it please?
  4. R

    blood pressure medication i Turkey

    My wife and I will be leaving the uk , and starting a new life in turkey. We will hopefully be ready to move by early next year. I just didn't realise how much work there is involved. I'm sure that the members on here will help answer some of the many questions we will be asking over the next...
  5. G

    High Blood Pressure - Medication

    My UK GP has put me on LOSARTAN POTASSIUM 100mg TABLETS for High Blood Pressure. I need to obtain the Turkish equivalent here in Alanya. Can anyone please tell me what I have to ask the Pharmacist for? I have looked on Ilacabak but they all seem to mention dextrose or be for IV use. Thank you.
  6. beyazbayan

    Over Prescribing Medication in the UK.

    Misery of the older patients on cocktail of 18 pills a day: Health chief urges doctors to stop over-prescribing drugs for different conditions Read more: Misery of the older patients on cocktail of 18 pills a day: Health chief urges doctors to stop over-prescribing drugs for different...
  7. L


    I am wanting to move to Turkey but the only obstacle i have is as far as I know they don't have the medication Sodium Cromoglicate. Does anyone have any contacts in the medical field i could speak with pls? My own gp said whilst i'm in the UK and go to turkey for holidays, they would only issue...
  8. P

    HELP NEED TO GET MEDICATION TO Grand Blue Sky Hotel, Kuşadası / Aydın

    Hello All, I need some help to get some medication to someone that has flown to Turkey today for 1 week and forgotten important medication. Trying to find a courier that specialises in Turkey to send them so they get there in 2 days or so. Any help from you guys would be most appreciated. The...
  9. B

    moving to turkey - bringing over the counter medication!

    Hi I am looking to move to turkey and would like to know if I can buy the tablets I take over the counter (prednisolone and azathioprine) if not how do I go about getting it and what is the cost? Would a letter and copy of my perscription from the UK be enough? Thanks in advance for your advice
  10. R

    Price of Medication

    Hi There, Does anyone purchase the following medication over there? Is it worth going to get another prescription for extra supplies, or are the prices reasonable enough in the Eczane? Allopurinol-330mg Simvastatin-40mg Salmeterol 50mcg Accuhaler (Salmeterol Xinafoate inhaler) Thanks Ann
  11. P

    Savings on medication costs

    I went today to buy my blood pressure pills and was told all meds were now half price.I knew the chemists were on strike to prevent this happening,so it seems they lost.Between my hubby and myself we are saving about 100tl a month yipeeeeeee:clap:
  12. C

    Daughter stung - need medication name

    My daughter was stung 2 days ago by a wasp - still very itchy and painful. I need to go to the eczane and get a cream - does anyone know the brand of Benadryl here? Thanks for the help.
  13. L

    Medication cost in Turkey?

    Hi can anyone tell the price for the following, Simvastatin 20 mg I take 1 per day Metformin 500 mg I take 4 per day Candesartan 4mg I take 1 per day Gliclazide 1 per day Thanks in advance Lee
  14. D


    Hi there , i went to turkey last week, while there I had to go into a chemist for medication for a bad chest, I was given KATARIN forte tablets please can anyone tell me what they are . Thankyou. :)
  15. T

    Medication availability

    Hello all! This is my first post, and I'm THRILLED to find this resource! My husband and I are moving to Ankara (from Canada) in August; I'm taking up a two year contract at Bilkent University, and he'll probably try to find a part-time ESL job somewhere. We're really excited about this...
  16. Andy

    Cheap Medication

    Found this website last week and decided to try it out. I suffer from Hayfever and have been paying £6-40 for a prescription for 20 years, OK it was cheaper all those years ago. A presciption of 60 tablets would last me 2 months so when i came across...
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