1. pembelu

    newly cleaned rug med. sz

    clean, med sz rug. koycegiz collection colours bit more beigh , cream light browns than greys i just couldnt get it well in the pics 90tl
  2. S

    Travel Insurance with exsisting med conditions

    Hi TLF members, tried to renew our travel insurance to include exsisting medical conditions this year and the quotes are unbelievably expensive, more than the cost of the holiday!! The only thing thats changed for us in the last 12 mnths is a chest infection recovered and high cholestrol and...
  3. beyazbayan

    Med clean up

    On Saturday 10th May a massive 22 country strong effort will commence at 10.00am at the waterfall on Alanya Harbour to clean up the environment. It is aimed to clean up the Mediterranean (Akdeniz) especially the water, beaches and surrounding countryside. If you are in touch with the...
  4. P

    med term rental req altinkum

    hi looking for 3-4 month rental altinkum april onwards pos longer 1+1 2 bed not to far from beach.let is for my wife and myself in 60s so no wild parties both non smokers and will treat as own
  5. northpole

    Origins Of The Med

    [Excuse the spelling and Grammer] l have been fascinated by how the many countries of the world were formed.But what l find more intriging is the making of the Mediterrinian Sea. The tectonic plates of Africa and the Plates on the European side have moved to create the coastline we enjoy...
  6. F

    Taste of the Med

    A friend of mine says that through all his life the water around the south east of Turkey has tasted like fizzy orange pop. I don't think that is real life, I think it's just Fanta sea.
  7. shirleyanntr

    Alanya queen of the Med

    if you look at this video of Alanya you can see why it is now the most popular resort on the Med...improving year on year thanks to a really forward looking Belediye headed by Hasan Siphanoğlu.. 2013 alanya will be hosting the European Triathlon championships..the town has many sporting events...
  8. luckycat68

    Club med bodrum

    I have some friends coming over next week and they are staying at Club Med , Bodrum , as I plan to visit them could anyone tell me just where this hotel is situated ? PLEASE Many thanks in advance :3:
  9. N

    med hotel (near boatyard)

    any body know what has happened to med hotel please
  10. arrian

    RAF heading to med.

    Libya: UK fighter jets deployed - Yahoo! News UK
  11. Firefox

    Club Med Countries

    Do you think Turkey should Join the club med countries and join Europe & Euro as it has been starving for the past 10 years Here: Should Germany bail out Club Med or leave the euro altogether? - Telegraph
  12. G

    Club Med

    Here's a link to the recent RTE travel programme about Club Med. Don't know whether it's any good because I missed it on TV and don't have sound on my computer. Thought some of you might find it interesting. Hope the link works: RTÉ Player: See What You're Missing
  13. shirleyanntr

    antalya top city in the Med

    Turkey's Antalya Tops Other Touristic Cities In Mediterranean Basin Published: 4/29/2008 ANTALYA - A Turkish city had topped other touristic cities in the Mediterranean basin, a Turkish tourism expert said on Tuesday. The chairman of Europe-Turkey Tourism Business Council said Antalya, a city...
  14. C

    Aegean Sea or The Med?

    Hi there, I was in Fethiye last week and had a conversation about where along the Turkish coastline does the Aegean Sea turn into The Mediterranean. The discussion came about because I asked - Is Fethiye in the Med (as most of the tourist websites suggest) or is it technically in the Aegean...
  15. shirleyanntr

    Narlıkuyu and Kızkalesi ..East Med

    One of the nicest stretches on the Med coast road is from Silifke through Kızkalesi Narlıkuyu and down to Mersin... Narlıkuyu is a small very pretty fishing village with some of the best fish restaurants in all of Turkey. Kızkalesi (maidens castle)is a stunning place with a great beach and a...
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