1. S

    final payment before TAPU?

    Hi everyone. I am confused about something and wonder if anyone can offer advice? I am close to completing on a property in Side built by Mecitoglu. My contract with Mecitoglu states that my final payment and receipt of title deeds take place on the same day " simultaneously". Now I have been...
  2. F

    We did it we voted out Mecitoglu

    Hello everyone I am an owner on Aquarius 1 and was closely involved in the creation of the new Aquarius Sitesi that will manage the complex. It has taken a few dedicated owners 6 months to get enough proxy votes to defeat the Lotus takeover of our site. We won handsomely with a good majority...
  3. S

    Mecitoglu Voted Out

    Owners of Aquarius villas have voted out Mecitoglu and formed their own sitesi under turkish condominium law. This came about after they decided to pull out of customer care and tried to install a preffered company called Lotus who increased fees to €1500. Everyone was incensed by the 2 weeks...
  4. S

    Mecitoglu Pulling out of Customer Care

    Has anyone who owns a Mecitoglu property had e mails or a letter informing them of the maintenance being handed over to a company called Lotus. Last year they handed over maintenance of Aquarius 2 villas to this group and are now doing the same to Aquarius 1 but on the letters they have stated...
  5. donss

    Mecitoglu: Long Term Tenant Service

    Hi: Just wondering if anyone has used Mecitoglu to find a long term tenant, and how it went / is going? Just emailed them, and waiting for a reply... can't get access today on their on-line customer care site. Thanks
  6. D

    Spring villas by Mecitoglu

    Hi Has anyone completed the purchase of their villa yet? If so how did it go and how are they looking? I understand from mecitoglu they were officially finished on the 30th October although work will continue on snagging and gardens. The pictures on the website look great, they are starting to...
  7. donss

    Mecitoglu, 'The Spring' development

    Hi all: Just wondering who has already taken possession of their unit in The Spring development, and wondering how the hand-over etc went..... We're travelling out on the 12th October to do likewise and to furnish the unit. Would be good to hear from anyone who has already completed, or anyone...
  8. Leo

    Disgusting Mecitoglu - Think Again!

    Correction. Hi to my fellow owners at all Mecitoglu complexes, I have today (19th Sept) spoken directly with Mehmet Micitoglu, who has read my original comments - after this was brought to his attention by one of the fellow owners. He has explained the reasons for sacking Ali, and I am...
  9. C

    Mecitoglu Waste Water Charge

    Hi there any Mecitoglu Owners. I have just noticed a 'waste water' charge of £50 on my account. I asked tall Deniz about this and he tells me it is an annual charge that everyone pays each year. We didn't pay it last year - has anyone come across this before or is it a new Mecitoglu Tax...
  10. P

    mecitoglu homes , side

    i wandered if anyone had any experience of this building company which sells aparments and villas in Side ...... any feedback good or bad appreciated . thanks , paul.
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