1. L

    In flight meals

    I,m travelling to dalaman with monarch in a couple of weeks ( cant put pacific dates just in case isis want to get me) and its the first time I,ve used them. does someone know if the in flight meals are free or not.. thanks in advance
  2. S

    Good Veggie meals in Dalyan.

    Hi. I've just returned from Dalyan and was wondering if I could ask, fellow vegetarians, where the good vegetarian meals are to be found. My wife and I had a real mixed bag of veggie meals but did not have time to go around all the restaurants and probably missed some great meals. Probably the...
  3. arrian

    meals on wheels!!

    one council is using roller skates to make sure the elderly don't go hungry during a petrol strike! Get your skates on! How one parish council plans to tackle the fuel crisis - Yahoo! News UK
  4. S

    Indian Meals

    There was a post a while back about a place in Marmaris that supplied Indian Sauces for restaurants and grocery stores. I think it was in the Beldibi area. I had their contact information but cannot find, and would like to verify they're still in business before I make a trip there. Does anyone...
  5. essex_girl

    Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals

    Just made Jamie's butternut squash and cauli curry with all the trimmings...including lemon pickle....lovely...even if I do say so myself. All recipes on Internet. Made the red thai curry last week but having made a couple of substitutes, couldn't get the lime leaves, wasn't as great as I...
  6. SonnyJim

    Ready Meals!

    Last night whilst eating our fish and chips I mentioned that someone told me Migros and Tansas in Marmaris now do ready meals from the Taj indian restaurant. I popped into Migros in Datca thismorning and guess what?? Yes - Rajes curry express ready meals:roundgrin. It says they are made in...
  7. ceemac

    Daily Turkish Meals

    This is an example of Turkish daily meals and is more for the information of the new/prospective visitor to Turkey :nod: The first meal of the day is breakfast. A typical Turkish breakfast is fresh tomatoes, white cheese, black olives, bread with honey and preserves, and sometimes an egg...
  8. rosewall1

    Kipa cafe meals

    Just in case non of you have tried the Kipa cafe meals I have to say that they are really good. I don't always feel like cooking. Neither of us like eating with plastic knives and forks so we buy and take home and heat up. Today we had Mexican chicken and cheesey potatoes. For two the bill was...
  9. KKOB

    Airline Meals

    If you think you've had a bad meal on a flight, read this. Virgin Airline - Yahoo! News UK
  10. N

    Meals on wheels

    Meals on wheels ( curries to your door!) Had a few friends round for a curry and a beer the other night and someone suggested that because my curries were so nice, would it be possible for me to make-up single portions for them to buy for when they were craving a curry and didnt want the hassle...
  11. luckycat68

    MorgulAntik 10 per cent off meals for all TLF members

    Just incase you have not seen the banner ad on left of forum i would like to offer all members a 10 per cent discount on all meals Alot of you know where we are but for those who dont - Straight a head from the mosque - down into the old village - past the gift shop ( mavi bonjuk ) and we are...
  12. R

    What are you 5 favourite meals- foods?

    Hello My favourite meals are the following 1= Chinese food- prawns with fresh tomato or chicken with stir fried veggies with boiled rice. I have a Chinese take out about once a week. Normally treat my nanny to one. I do sometimes cook Chinese food too. 2= Kebabs- I have a take out up the road...
  13. G

    Airline meals

    I never book meals when I'm booking our tickets to go to Turkey yet everytime we go we are served a meal. When we were checking in this time the young lady informed us we had not booked meals, yes it was intentional says I. We got a meal on the plane on the outward and inward flight :307bt...
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