1. B

    Wedding Anniversary meal.

    June and I are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary today, so tonight we will be going for a special meal, and a few drinks. Bill.
  2. beyazbayan

    First class meal

    Wonderful steak at Elite restaurant Dalmlataş Alanya, good food good wine and life music. Highly recommended.
  3. perfect1949

    where will you be having your Christmas meal

    me and Shirley are going to our good friends Yvonne and Ray's , for a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimming's . dave
  4. beyazbayan

    Christmas meal

    Yes İ know it's early but people have already approached Muzzi - Aydin Restaurant asking what he will be doing after his private party last year was such a success now he's going public. On Christmas day he's having a three course meal open buffet style but traditional fayre. Anyone...
  5. Yalides

    Last meal out before UK

    Looking forward to our last meal out at Ada restaurant before our hols in UK where we hope its cool and raining occasionally... I feel several stellas coming on wednesday night. Must remember we don`t get served at the table, can stand at the bar if we wish and not a sneaky smoker or obnoxious...
  6. K

    Yummy, healthy Ramadan meal ideas?

    OK! for those of you who do REALLY fast all day in the middle of Turkish heat, do you have any receipes for morning meal before starting the fast. I don't intend to wake up and cook for hubby at that time of the night, but I'm willing to prepare something for him to heat up when he wakes up at...
  7. L

    Christmas Day Meal 25th Dec

    Hi The Pop In Fun Pub & Restaurant will do a Christmas Day meal if anyone would like to book please PM Starters: Soup - Tomato, Vegetable or Chicken Prawn Cocktail and salad *both come with a selection of other small cold starters Main Turkey Roast Potatoes Mixed Veg...
  8. L

    Christmas and New Years

    Hiya Does anyone know of anyone or anything going on in Dalyan for Christmas Day and or New Years Eve and Day? Thanks Lj
  9. L

    Dalyan Xmas Fair Meal

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all those who attended the meal at the Pop in Fun Pub & Restaurant and hope you all enjoyed it- we managed to raise 200TL more for the Cokşu School :high5:
  10. L

    Christmas Fair Meal Dalyan 15TL

    :50: Dear all, Special offer for the day of the Xmas Fair Join us Sat December 10th from 7pm onwards for an all you can eat Turkish style meal. Bize aralık 10 Cumartesi katılınız – saat 19.00 dan açık büfe Türk mutfağı yemeği Just 15TL Per Person (5tl to Charity) and kids...
  11. denise bannell

    Special Meal

    Friday and Saturday night at Gumus Bache Gumusluk Seared Salmon with Salsa Salad and dessert 14 tl Oh jum jum
  12. denise bannell

    Persian meal and poetry at Gumus Bache

    Have noticed that on friday there will be poetry by omar kyyan in turkish and english to creat this atmoshere it will be held at about 8:30 with a persian meal candlelite and a glass of red wine . How romantic the meal will be 15 tl
  13. A

    Duty Free + Greek Meal + Cheddar Cheese !

    :attention To Meis - Little Greek İsland - from Kas today -Now Tuesday 3rd November 2009 and the weather was bright and sunny all day in Kas - in fact İ got a burnt nose and cheeks on the boat trip to Meis from Kas harbour today! Kas is a really beautiful gem of a place yet small enough to walk...
  14. flowerpotman

    Best meal I have had in Koycegiz

    At Jcrians house with welsh beef lol.
  15. A

    £5.95 for 3-course Turkish meal LONDON

    Just thought I'd let you know about the WONDERFUL place I went for lunch today in London with some friends ... 3-course lunch menu is only £5.95 there and wine is inexpensive too + beautiful interior with chandeliers and crisp white tablecloths that are starched I think - fresh Pide bread free...
  16. S

    35 ntl 3 course meal all local drinks inclusive

    didim cafe and restaurant. 3 course meal all local drinks inclusive, went last night 8 of us t bone steak spot on loads of effes vodka/cokes 35 lira, good food, good night would recommend winter offer only can arrange pick ups tel no 8131814 7pm- midnight. steve :28:
  17. immac

    Online Meal Ordering

    This site allows ordering (for delivery) from local restaurants in Turkey. Regions:
  18. Peaceplant

    What's your idea of a perfect meal?

    After nearly 2 weeks of eating out with my family staying over we have had loads of chats about the meals we have enjoyed or not. İ am interested in opinions on what constitutes a perfect meal. This is MY perfect meal (not in priority order). 1. İn pleasant surroundings with some atmosphere...
  19. F

    Birthday Meal!

    Restaurant recommenations for a birthday meal please? I would like to find a very special place with a traditional atmosphere and views to die for where I can dine alone (also celebrating being on my own this year too!) and have a whale of a time. This is my first stay in the apartment since...
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