1. labman

    Mayors office Investigation

    Hi all, Haven't been on for a while, still trying to get my iskan sorted out! Can anyone tell me if there is an investigation going on at the Mayors Office at present, also what reason is there for it? We have been told this is the reason we have not been issued ours but all the other villas...

    The Bodrum mayors party

    Today mrs REDDERS & i went to Gumbet for the Mayors party for us expats. There was a huge free bbq going for 3 hours,free drinks,a brilliant band,disco,father christmas,giving pressies to the children & a snow machine. So much effort was put into this event by the belediye,they should be hartily...
  3. G

    a mayors fee

    we have been informed by our real estate agent that the mayor requires 5.000ytl before he signs forms so we can get our tapu have told r. e agent he can (the mayor ) f..... whistle for it because we are not paying has anyone else encountered this type of b/m... do not want to say words just in...
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