1. stewy

    Maxi Tours Transfer

    My partner book a transfer with Maxi tours 8 weeks ago from bodrum airport to Akbuk for tomorrow Sunday at 2pm for 1 person ,all was confirmed including price £10 each way . This afternoon Saturday we get a phone call from them saying they could not collect for £10 we would have to pay the...
  2. maggie

    Maxi Tours *BEWARE!

    My friend Guinevere asked me to book her a return private transfer with this company from her home in Akbuk to Izmir airport . I emailed them all the details and they confirmed yes they could do this transfer . They then rang Guinivere asking her to go into the office as they could not take...
  3. C

    Maxi tours cheated me

    We have recently moved to Altinkum and when we needed to go to Kos to renew our visa I looked on TLF to see who people advised to go with. I picked Maxi tours,,booked Kos and there was no problem. Yesterday I saw a flight to uk for 47euros with Thomas Cook and because i haven't got a printer I...
  4. S

    Maxi Tour Transfers

    Has anyone used Maxi Tour airport transfers, we are coming to Altinkum in June and they appear to have a good price?:20:
  5. Ms Who

    Maxi Tours - no thanks!

    I was intending to hire a car for a few days and was discussing this with me man. I always use Gordion as they give good rates and are most reliable, he however, always uses Maxi Tours as he knows the guy there. Anyway, off he trots and hires this car for 3 days through Maxi Tours and agrees the...
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