1. IbrahimAbi

    Boeing 737 Max

    Ryan Air, Europe’s biggest budget airline will be flying the Boeing 737 Max from “probably early next year”. How do TLFlers feel about flying in one of these? Personally I would like to see POTUS use one for a couple of years as Air Force one, before I would feel safe...
  2. H

    Max Clifford . . . GUILTY!

    How many others? MAX CLIFFORD accused of procuring children to Stringfellows night club 27 MAY 2013 part 2 of 2 - YouTube surely people in "high places" have been getting away with paedophilia for too long now, the "Old boys network" has covered up well for each other! Watch this guy's videos...
  3. B

    Max Bygraves

    BBC News - Veteran entertainer Max Bygraves dies Goodbye Max Bygraves, another good entertainer leaves us. Bill.
  4. R

    Loving home wanted for Max

    Hi please could you spare the tıme to look at the thread 'Stepmum and Stepdad needed, under pets for adoptıon. Unfortunately due to health reasons I have to return to Brıtain by August. This will be a permanent move and I am desperate to fınd a loving home for my dog. Unfortunately I cannot...
  5. R

    Max & Lou Lou...need a new home.

    Hi to everyone.. I am writing this post as i am trying to help a friend find a new home for her 2 wonderful dogs. The dogs are called Max & Lou Lou...They have been brought from Ireland, & have been in Koycegiz for the last 4 years, & enjoy the Turkish lifestyle. They are not high...
  6. C

    Max the mıssıng street dog

    Most of you know that Max the German Shepherd street dog has gone mıssıng from Marcos.If you see hım can you please contact me and let me know. For those of you who dont know Max hes a well looked after street dog wıth a brıllıant nature.Hes no good as a guard dog and he cant be used for...
  7. Andy

    Happy Birthday Max

    Sorry it's a little late coming Max but there's usually a special lady that beats me to it. All together now Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Max Happy Birthday to you. Have a great evening Max. Best Wishes :52: .
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