1. B

    Mavisehir demolition

    The bars and restaurants on the front in Mavisehir have been given notice that come monday all of them are to be bulldozed and by the sound of it there is no plans to replace them with anything either!!. Some have been there over 30 years, also they are saying the loveboat is going as well. It...
  2. D


    As we are coming out in a couple of weeks,does anyone know if any restaurants in Mavisehir are open yet,as we like to walk there from our apt in Didim.Thanks
  3. N

    villa for sale mavisehir

    Hello all I am selling my 3 bedroom villa in mavisehir. Quiet site with communal pool. Contact me for details. Cheers Neil
  4. christella

    trying to find Pauline mavisehir turkey/ lives in portsmouth

    trying to find Pauline mavisehir turkey/ lives in portsmouth or anybody else who was on the thomas cook flight on the 4th june (bank holiday) 2012 bodrum to gatwick remember we had a chat as we were waiting to get our seats for the flight after watching the martin lewis money program tonight on...
  5. J

    5 Bed sea view detached villa - Mavisehir

    Dear all, we are sadly selling our fully furnished 5-bed detached villa located 75m from the sea in Mavisehir, this is due to family illness in the UK. Our villa has TAPU and HABITATION paperwork. The property has a lovely unoverlooked wrap-around garden backing onto olive groves, 2 full shower...
  6. T

    1 bedroom in Mavisehir is available for rent

    Hello there, Our 1 bedroom apartment in Mavisehir is available for rent this summer for weekly and/or monthly. So if you're looking for a short term rental or like to stay at home instead of a hotel, please feel free to contact me and I'll post you pictures and details. Our apartment is fully...
  7. culturevulture

    Mavisehir Market open?

    Is Mavisehir Market open, does anyone know, please? Mary.
  8. culturevulture

    mavisehir market

    Is Mavisehir market still open, please? If so, from what time? Mary.
  9. A

    what is mavisehir like

    i may be looking for a house in this area please can someone tell me what it is like i have only passed it and liked what i saw.
  10. D

    Is it safe to swim in the seagrass at Mavisehir?

    Last year we took a bus over to Mavisehir and spent a lovely day there as the sea breeze was very comfortable. But we were shocked at how few people were on the beach , with plenty of free beds to lie on available. we swam out to the raft a few times and to do so we had to walk through the sea...
  11. T

    Flat with 2 bedroom available in Mavisehir

    Please pm me if interested.
  12. newhorizon

    Altinkum, Didim, MaviSehir - Photo Trip report

    Just a few more photos to add from my recent trip to this area last month. Not a day by day account, as that would be rather boring involving trips to the tapu office in search of that elusive tapu... but still managed to capture a few photos along the way. Altinkum photo taken on Main Beach...
  13. F

    Questions about Mavisehir

    Hello. I am hoping to get some info about Mavisehir. I've booked a holiday apartment in Mersindere Mah. (Didim Beach Residence). 1. What's the beach like in Mavisehir? I've read on several websites that the sea is not very clean there, is that true? Also, we need a beach with easy access and...
  14. D

    Details about Didim & Mavisehir

    Hi sorry if i have posted in the wrong place but i am trying to get general info about life and feaseability of living year round in Didim? Later this week i am taking my aging in laws for a scouting trip to get an idea about living in Didim--things like weather reports for summer and winter and...
  15. carolk

    Sanctuary Villas, Mavisehir

    Anyone from Sanctuary Viilas on the forum?
  16. K

    Further Reduced!! 4 bedroom villa near Mavisehir

    WAS £60,000 GBP Then Reduced to £55,000 GBP Now further reduced to £50,000 GBP due to the current financial market. We will listen to any reasonable offer!!! 4 bedroomed semi-detached villa in the village of Sagtur near Mavisehir, Didim. Comes fully furnished with wood burning stove, TV, Phone...
  17. G

    Mavisehir Market

    Does anyone know if Mavisehir Market is open until the end of the season please. Thanks.
  18. A

    mavisehir Market

    I have my son and his girlfriend here for 2 weeks. They hate the hassle at the Saturday market at Altinkum. Does anyone know when Mavisehir Market starts running every night?
  19. B


    :gathering Merhaba all Just thinking of a few effes and good company over in Razzis .Bring on the good times :cheers:
  20. Higgy

    Mavisehir ; Apartment for Sale.

    Beautiful 2 bed fully furnished apartment in the sought after area of Mavisehir. Just a 2 minute stroll to the beach. 30k Sterling I will attempt to attach some photo's later. Please feel free to pm or email for further information. This is our own apartment and all the furniture is brand...
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