1. oldfogy

    Meet-up at Mavi Kitchen and Pool

    If anyone wishes to join us On Saturday 10TH June for dinner @ 8pm at Mavi Kitchen and pool for a special Rooftop Sunset and Lamb Shank dinner priced at 40TL including a choice from a couple of starters. Order will also be being taken from the main menu for those none meat eater and people who...
  2. T

    Mass Mavi Restaurant

    Called yesterday and it was closed. Anyone know if it is closed permanently or just an early closure this season?
  3. B

    Mavi pide

    Just back from another relaxing trip to Datca and wanted to say a quick thank you to whoever posted the recommendation to try Mavi Pide Restaurant which is just before the Bozburan turning on the Marmaris to Datca (sorry can't remember who posted) . We stopped for lunch yesterday on our way to...
  4. teosgirl

    Mavi Siyah Flemenco

    Hi, The Ankara born Mavi Siyah Flamenco dance show will be performing at Gunay's garden in Kayakoy this Saturday 3rd September at 7pm. This is a ticket only event, tickets are 40tl and include a tapas meal. I would love to be going to see this dance team, as I've heard very good things and I...
  5. H

    Threatening behaviour by Mavi Realty

    Has anyone else been threatened with legal action from Mavi in Gulluk. I am a little behind in my maintenance payments and they have said that if I do not pay up immediately they will sell my house. Just like many, I am finding it hard to make ends meet in the UK, and although I would like to...
  6. O

    Table Top Sale - Akbuk - Mavi Deniz Sat 4th December

    Can't see it mentioned on here so I thought it might be worth posting in case people don't know! :)
  7. F

    A nice little HAPPY story!

    Imagine this! I have a motorbike on the back of my motorhome. I was expecting to have to buy insurance at the border. They didn't even ask! So I get to my apartment in Bodrum, where I have never visited before, and need the bike to go shopping. But I know that I'll be in big trouble if I...
  8. M

    Live music at Mavi Deniz

    Resident band Baker Street play Mavi Deniz -akbuk, every Friday throughout the season.Come listen to the band 9pm-midnight.:lalala:
  9. S

    Mavi Deniz Phone Number

    Does anyone have the number for Mavi please. I want to phone and order 2 portions of their finest fish n chips.
  10. G

    Sunset Bay - Mavi Realty Services

    Have just returned from a three week vacation at our apartment in Sunset Bay, which was great. Have also just received an electricty bill from Mavi Realty, the site maintenance people, for July. The readings appear correct but it don't show the three different tariffs that the electric meter...
  11. P

    hotel mavi village

    hi, we have just been transferred from gumbet to hotel mavi village gulluk, cant seem to find out much about it aprt from very negative things, can anyone let me know if it has improved any, we are going 22 sept for 2 weeks thanks jan
  12. Ms Who

    Happy Birthday Mavi

    Heyyyy lady, just noticed its your bday :-) Hope you have a fab one, is it a do down Dejezars? xx
  13. I


    :pressie: i have a action prices for MAVI AKDENIZ HOTEL(DORIAN) in oludeniz :der: PP in double room 15 GBP HB :der: in may, june and july if you are interested in please contact whit me pss : please dont ask for BB there is no action prices in BB best regards ilkay
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