1. immac

    Black Lives Matter

    I have been following this idea for a few weeks. They have a Web site, which is quite clear, but on closer looking is a little vague in its aspirations (link below); the USA and UK sites are largely the same. There are a few things which make me wonder where this will go. For example, there is...
  2. Tenpin

    Muhammad Ali and Black Lives Matter

    Muhammad Ali’s son says dad would have hated ‘racist’ Black Lives Matter Extract: On the fourth anniversary of his death, Muhammad Ali’s only biological son says that his father would be against Black...
  3. B

    Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter movement 'needed in UK' - BBC News Personally, I think that all lives matter. Whether they are Black, White or any other colour. Bill.
  4. B

    Heart of the matter.

    BBC News - South Africa cannibal: Gugulethu man 'ate love rival's heart' I admit, I like some offal, but I wouldn't go that far. Bill.
  5. teosgirl

    Muslims (or Christians or Jews for that matter) are no good for anyone

    What harm could come from an atheist generation? An atheist is good for the family, for the country, for the nation, for himself... A religious youth is no good to anyone. It doesn't matter if they injure us or shoot us, 4+4+4 will pass this week. Shockingly insulting statement to make isn't...
  6. ausfost

    music quiz, this will hurt your grey matter

    The following are all groups or bands how many can you find? Lateral thinking required. GOOD LUCK (See example 1) 1. YEARS QUARTERS = FOUR SEASONS 2. THE SILHOUETTES 3. NOOKIE GUNS 4. DARK SUNDAY 5. WARM GALAXY 6. DOGGY BARK 7. NUN TOBOGGAN 8. UNEMPLOYMENT 9. Msc BSc BEOng 10. REVOLVERS AND...
  7. I

    A matter of concerne!

    I have noticed that since I started viewing this forum and in particular since I began actively participating that I have been loosing count of the number of beers I have consumed. This is causing serious problems and personal distress as I am running out before the next shopping day! The only...
  8. M

    Want to buy Coconut Oil in Turkey

    Can anyone help. I am looking to purchase Coconut Oil in Turkey, we are in UK at the moment and can get it here but we are coming over for a few months so will need quite a lot and it is very heavy we would need to fetch 14, 500 kg tubs. Does anyone know if there are health shops in Turkey or...
  9. E

    Grey matter

    Whenever I am in Turkey for any length of time (like more than a couple of days), I find my last few remaining brain cells seem to go on strike. What is it that causes this? Does anyone else suffer with this weird affliction or is it just me? Is it the sun, is it the Turkish air? I am normally...
  10. Andy

    Mind over matter

    Now it's a little later and all the children are in bed i can post a rather dirty joke.Please reply to WESTON ALAN. Mind Over Matter A guy who was in the Air Force had just spent a year on an unaccompanied tour to Alaska. The night he got home, he exclaimed to his wife, "Honey, I want you...
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