1. staceman

    Building/roofing materials fethiye

    Hi hope somebody can help I am looking for a roof flashing material in England is called EASY LEAD Does anybody know if this can be sourced in the fethiye region Many thanks
  2. N

    Flat roof sealant materials

    I own a flat roofed apartment which needs re sealing after a few years. I went up to have a look and the roof is clean and covered by some sort of bitumin impregnated hessian. Clearly the roof needs reproofing and I was planning to use a liquid polymer sealant, which I know I can get in UK. I...
  3. P

    Card making materials

    Hi to all on the forum,due to the unfortunate passing of my wife in december i am left with quite a large quantity of card making materials,she used to make greetings cards for all occaisions and was very talented in her art. The main components are couloured card of varying sizes and...
  4. P

    Art materials

    Does anyone in the Bodrum area know if I can buy pastels and coloured pastels paper plus fixing spray - just to save me the horror of opening my suitcase to a muti-coloured crumbled mess!
  5. jcrian

    Building Materials in Turkey

    Anyone know the cost of building materials in Turkey? Concrete - per lorry load? Cement - per bag? Sand - per ton and lorry load? Roof tiles? Bricks or blocks? Steel reinforcing rod - per ton? Labour -skilled and unskilled?
  6. N

    Art Materials In Bodrum

    Can Anyone Tell Me Where I Can Buy Paints, Brushes Etc In Bodrum Or Yalikavak Please. Missing Yali Badly And Counting The Weeks Till We Come Back.
  7. T

    Art materials in Bodrum area

    Hi does anybody know of a decent art material supplier in the Bodrum area? we have just moved here from the uk and haven't been able to find much yet. Thanks for any help
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