1. A

    House mate wanted fethiye

    Hi there i am a young english girl living in fethiye i am looking to share my apart with some one and split the cost rent water electirk. I you are interested in renting and making a new friend contact me
  2. S

    My mate GUZ

    Havent heard anything from my fav TLFer in long time. Is she still around somewhere?
  3. perfect1949

    who is your soul mate

    mine used to be a girl from scotland i loved her too bits . dave
  4. perfect1949

    billy no mate,s

    is this just a myth Or . do you feel like you are one ?. dave
  5. KKOB

    My Mate Marmite

    Here's a bit of light relief. Marmite, most folks either love it or hate it. Let's try and keep this one on topic, and uncontroversial.
  6. S

    House mate wanted!

    Hi , I'm a British lady with a young son and a little dog(we're all well behaved!). We live in a villa very close to the center of Marmaris and we're looking for someone to share the house with us. You'd have the top third floor with large bedroom(fully furnished plus all linen and towels),good...
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