1. O

    Rugby match

    Hi I will be staying at the Aska Lara Resort & Spa and was wondering if anyone knows if there will be a bar showing the England v Ireland rugby game on the 17th March, Yes paddies day
  2. S

    Bomb at Besiktas match
  3. teosgirl

    Another Ankara explosion - March 13th

    Turkey explosion: Reports of wounded in central Ankara - BBC News Apparently the US embassy knew there was a threat yesterday. Charlotte
  4. P

    England match tonight

    We will probably be down to watch the England match tonight, so anybody at Boras ,say hello. Pete .
  5. D

    No more `multiple` football match choices on Saturdays :-(

    Big blow for the bars and us `footie` fans out here :( The `luxery` of being able to choose what premiership match to watch on a saturday at 5pm on `BEIN ` has now gone :-( its one game and one game only I am afraid from now on... so all the many bars with multiple monitors will...
  6. J

    kadiköy fener match

    Live on TV right now....despite the threats of the govt to prosecute people chanting political slogans at football matches..there is live coverage on the TV (not on the mainstream channels of course!! :-)) of Fenerbahçe supporters chanting anti govt slogans before the Arsenal match...faces...
  7. A

    Euro 2012-opening match

    If anybody interested (especially polish people :) 8 of June at 20:00 we meet in Barcelona bar on Ataturk street to watch opening match Euro 2012 Poland-Greece hope c u overe there ::12:
  8. J

    Paint colour match and mixing

    Hi, Is there a paint matching and mixing service anywhere around Akbuk? Thx, John
  9. teosgirl

    Turkish match fixing scandal, the PM and the Mafia

    TURKEY - Match fix indictment alleges mafia was a player in football For those of you who are not aware, there's a huge match fixing scandal encompassing the main Turkish football teams in Turkey at the moment, with at least one team President (Fenerbahce) languishing in prison until his trial...
  10. SLEEPY

    Euro play_off

    Ireland will play Estonia, best possible draw for us:in Dublin 2nd leg. Turkey get Croatia.
  11. I

    Turkey match tonight

    Against Azerbaijan. They have to win and Germany have to win against Belgium in order for Turkey to go through. Good luck to the reds:) When is the match on tonight? I assume it will be on NTV again. Found it. 20.00 NTV.
  12. teosgirl

    match fixing scandal - Turkey

    Big news making every news channel today is the arrest of 40 people including head of Fenerbahce Aziz Yildirim, after an investigation began into match fixing in Turkey. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. :42mb: While I smuggly type this (after all I've been screaming FIX! for years) I do...
  13. B

    England World Cup Match 12th June

    Hello everyone My wife and I will be in Dalaman from 3rd to 17th June and we haven't got a telly aaah bless em. Is there a bar in Dalaman where we can watch the match? Here we go, here we go, here we go! Many thanks Bill and kate
  14. Martyn

    Four match suspension for Ferdinand

    Look like the FA took a dim view of his appeal and added an extra game. Ferdinand handed four match ban - Premier League, Football - The Independent
  15. maggie

    Arsenal Everton Match.

    Nik is asking all you U.K. people do you know if the above match due to be played today off or on.!!!! Thanks hugs maggiexxx:blowkiss:
  16. ceemac

    Security High for Football Match

    'Almost all preparations for the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying second-leg match between Turkey and Armenia scheduled for Oct. 14 are in their final phase.' This story here This match takes place in Bursa on Oct 14 - I'll be in Turkey at that time so hope to get a seat in a bar to watch...
  17. E

    Lions final test match

    hi all Can anyone tell me if there is a sports bar in Marmaris where we could go to watch the Lions final test match on 4 July? Thanks
  18. J

    charity match

    Anyone watch the game from Anfield tonight, Liverpool old boys v All Stars. Many familiar faces there, Robbie Fowler flew in from Auss. he now plays for a team in North Queensland. He couldn't play though because of a slight injury, but wanted to support Kenny Dalglish and his wife Marina...
  19. peter the postie

    Your most memorable match

    I wonder what is your most memorable match? One stipulation...It has to be your own team. As a citeh fan Iv'e seen quite a few amazing games, but one in particular sticks in my mind. It was during our yoyo years and to this day I can't believe the way it unfolded. 2-0 down in the second...
  20. B

    Brawl at Romanian rugby match

    BBC NEWS | Europe | Brawl at Romanian rugby match
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