1. A89


    Does anyone know anyone in Alanya that gives professional sports type massage please? alison
  2. L

    Massage and car rental in Yalikavak

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. It is the end of the season and many places are closed but I am looking for a massage place to treat my birthday friend. Do you know a place in Yalikavak or Gumusluk area? A massage and a facial would be great. Also, we need to rent a car four 4 days, if you...
  3. L

    Turkish massage

    Hi. I'm staying in Akbuk for 5 days mid February, and was wondering if anyone knows if any of the hotels in didim (garden of the Sun) are open for the spa.
  4. J

    Hammam / Massage in Alinkum

    Hi there Does anyone know anywhere great to have a massage please? I'm not interested in going to a Hammam so any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. jaimie

    Anywhere to get a good massage in Akbuk or Altinkum?

    Hi Everyone, Long time since I've been on here (Nov last year to be precise) Anyway hope you're all good!! Anyone know of a good and reputable place to get a massage, especially for a bad back; in the Akbuk or Didim area's? There used to be an excellent one in Akbuk but I think the lady went...
  6. niyaz

    massage place

    Hi, any good places for a massage in Dalaman ? My kitten tried to massage my shoulders lol
  7. J

    Back Massage beauty salon needed

    Hi Is there anywhere in Alanya that you can get a beautician type back massage, not a turkish bath one, i.e. sports massage etc. Thanks
  8. I

    Alanya massage parlours

    Hi does anyone know a good massage parlour in alanya (not turkish bath/hamman) that does happy endings. preferably chinese or thai massage parlours. Cheers for any replies.
  9. S

    Aromatherapy massage in Datca?

    Can anybody recommend somewhere for an aromatherapy massage in Datca, if there is such a place?
  10. N

    Massage in Bodrum area

    Hi. I am coming to stay in Gundogan at start of September and want a good massage somewhere in the Bodrum area. I don't want a Turkish bath that normally goes with it , just a normal massage. I know the Hotel Baia in Gundogan does these type of services but have not been before other to eat...
  11. L

    Mobile Massage therapist ?

    Does anyone know of a mobile massage therapist in the Bodrum area ? Thai or Shiatsu preferred. Thank you.
  12. N

    akbuk massage ??

    hi all. on our last 2 visits we have been meaning to find out if the lady who does massages in akbuk still exists. we were told she is up past the market but when we a walk up there no one knew where, does anyone know if it exists? regards
  13. ceemac

    Avram 'Needed' A Massage

    The wife of Avram Grant, the Portsmouth FC manager, laid the blame for his visit to a brothel at the hands of his "crappy" football club yesterday as she gave a spirited defence of her husband. Here C
  14. marlkran

    Reiki treatment in Bodrum area

    Hello everybody. My name is Marleen, a Dutch lady from Bodrum and I am offering Reiki treatments in or near Bodrum. What happens during a Reiki treatment? Receiving a Reiki treatment is very simple and lasts between sixty and ninety minutes. You simply lie down on a couch and relax. There...
  15. Lindacm


    Does anyone know if there is someone (good) who does massage in Dalaman? I had used someone in Dalyan, who is quite good, but expensive 60ytl (last June) for an hour. Linda
  16. Andy

    Your best or worst Massage ?

    Here are a few stories that you may find quite funny. Massage, ahh there’s the rub. In my case, however, it’s not so much “Ahh” as “Ouch! Get off me… is that legal?” For most people I understand it’s relaxing to the point of stupor. Once I overheard a couple of beauty therapists in a pub. One...
  17. S

    turkish bath, massage etc

    Hi can anyone recommend the full pampering experience at turkish prices NOT hotel spa price in bodrum nr turkbuku but no probs travelling cheers
  18. C


    Hi, can anyone advise me of where I can get a nice relaxing massage in Altinkum please? NOT a turkish bath style massage. Thanks.
  19. M

    Free Sports Massage Cream

    Click on link for freebie.
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