1. SuperBogs

    Marys Birthday

    Hard to believe that a year has passed since our Mary was born. You all recall what a very difficult time in life she had at the beginning and going through all those operations. The day she was born was a roller coaster for me. One minute I see my first born baby girl and then before we know...
  2. T

    Mass times at Marys House

    Hi folks, Im visiting Kusadasi in a few weeks time and I want to attend Mass at Mary's House. Does anyone know what time Mass is celebrated there during the week and on Sunday, also what is the easiest way to get there ie is there a bus/dolmus or do I need to get a taxi. Look forward to any...
  3. T

    Marys House.

    According to the Gospel of John, as Jesus was hanging on the cross, He presented His beloved disciple John with the care of His mother, Mary. Four of six years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, St. John and Mary are thought to have come to Ephesus and stayed on the site of what is not...
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