1. P

    Mary's House Bus

    Lost telephone number for private run coach from Kusadasi to Mary;s House,organised by Irish Lady ?
  2. K

    Is there a dolmus from Selcuk to Meryemana (Mary's House)?

    Merhaba! :) I am visiting the Izmir / Kusadasi region at Easter 2015 and would like to attend Mass at Meryemana (Mary's House). Does anyone know if there is Mass said there on Easter Sunday 2015? Is there is a dolmus to get to Meryemana from Selcuk? Any help would be much appreciated! :)...
  3. S

    Re; Mary, time for action

    For those of us that have been touched by Mary's plight, now is the time to take action. Mary has it on good authority that the title deeds are within her grasp and she needs to fly to Turkey ASAP to secure them. Time is of the essence, and for those of us who have said we will help out, we can...
  4. J

    Mary and others, are you covered for legal costs

    Mary I dont know if you saw my post so think its a good idea to put it up here, cud help other fold as well. did you know you mite be covered for legal costs in your regular home and contents insurance? I dont want to raise your hopes in case your not, not everybody is covered but its worth...
  5. culturevulture

    Easter trips to The House of Mary???

    Does anyone know if there are any trips running, from Didim to The Blessed Mother's house, during the Easter ceremonies, especially Easter Sunday? I would love to go Mass there on Easter Sunday morning. Mary.
  6. carolk

    Happy Birthday Mary.

    Have a really good one Mary. Hope you and Tony enjoy your special meal tonight. x x x :9: :pressie:
  7. wayne+nik

    Mary Lindgreen having an oruc build please contact me

    HI, I would really like to contact a lady called Mary Lindgreen , she is having an oruc build on the maras site , as you will probably see from my previous posts i am also having an oruc build and would love to meet my new nieghbour , i hope we can speak soon or maybe someone who knows her give...
  8. Neil_Denizli

    Mary Poppins

    If anyone needs a cleaner, mine is looking for a few extra hours. Being a grumpy old sod and cantankerous recluse, I'm very fussy, but I am extremely happy with G: she is pleasant, speaks great English, cleans my house as if it were her own - thoroughly and with care. She will often stay extra...
  9. shirleyanntr

    mary whitehouse

    there was a proggy on bbc ent.Turkey. (prime rubbish) tonight about Mary whitehoouse and how she went on about censorship and campaigned about porn etc..(strong lady though) its a long time ago now..anybody remember it.. and looking back was she right or wrong ..has it all gone too far or...
  10. SuperBogs

    New pictures of Mary

    Pictures by SuperBogs - Photobucket Biker Bob
  11. N

    Andrew and Mary

    There was alight in your apartment last night, is that OK. Nigel and Mary
  12. J

    Mary , Our Lady's House

    Good Morning From Ireland Can anyone inform of the best way to get to Mary , Our Lady's House ? We do not fancy going on orgnised tour . Just get there and spend an hour or two , then back to Altinkum . Maybe stop at Outlet Shopping in Soke on the way home , According to my wife this part of...
  13. A

    Tryıng to Trace Sean and Mary Olive Gardens

    Tryıng to trace Sean and Mary from Olive Gardens an Irish couple we were friends with 2004 to 2007. We have moved to Mumcular and wish to contact them to arrange sailing Anne and Richard Fairman
  14. I

    Ian & Mary New Members

    Hi everyone , we are Ian and Mary from sunny York, England, hoping to buy in the next few weeks so thought it might be useful to join this forum to help stop ourselves from being led astray by the wrong People!!. We are looking to buy something around £20k or £30k in either Kusadasi or Altinkum...
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