1. yalimart

    Martin Peters

    RIP Martin Peter's. BBC News - Martin Peters: 1966 World Cup winner and West Ham legend dies aged 76
  2. the bueman

    Martin McGuiness dead

    Martin McGuinness Passionate Republican to Man of Peace.....RIP I hope he has a quiet and dignified send off.....for me that will signal The Man.
  3. pepperkat

    RIP George Martin

    It has been announced that George Martin has died aged 90. George produced so much of the music I have enjoyed for years. RIP George thanks for the music.
  4. T

    Martin Luther King Day

    Truly, a courageous & principled man who paid with his life the right to defend Freedom. Celebrating, the life & achievements of Martin Luther King - RIP. Although originally on behalf of 'his people' his words still ring true for 'many peoples' across the world today - Taken from 'I have a...
  5. G

    hello from martin

    Hello every one this is martin and Jackie from Barnsley. We visit our apartment in Mahmutlar twice a year. Our interest when there are lazing on the beach or at the pool. This year we shall be investing in some bicycles to get around and see more of the area that doesn't have a bus route.
  6. A89

    Happy Birthday Martin Haigh!

    Happy Birthday Martin ! Hope you have a great day! :cheers: Alison x
  7. P

    Bodrum Garden Homes - Gale & Martin

    Having recently read through the threads relating the appauling rip-off experiences a growing number of our members have suffered, I got to wondering what happend to Gale and Martin who used to have Bodrum Garden Homes agents. They were fantastic throughout our property purchases and we even saw...
  8. D

    Aston Martin happy birthday

    Aston Martin is 100 years old, which one would you have???? 1913: The start of Aston Martin - Aston Martin: 100 years of a British motoring legend - MSN Cars UK
  9. P

    Martin Johnson quits.

  10. M

    Hi from Martin & Theresa

    Hello everybody on the Forum. We're buying in Akbuk and looking forward to spending some time chilling & enjoying the local culture.
  11. Freedom 49

    Martin luther king memorial

    At long last! The very much overdue unvieling of a memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King in Washington. A true fighter for Freedom for his people. R.I.P.
  12. K

    irish martin

    hi, my name is martin. just back from 2 weeks in sun gate complex. 1st time seeing completed apartment, absolutely fantastic. my daughters and their families had a brilliant time. they called the pool area a "suntrap". looking forward to next trip already
  13. D

    Martin O'Neil Quits!!!!

    Wonder who he will manage now.
  14. ceemac

    Has Martin O'Neill Quit Villa?

    Aston Villa have been forced to deny rumours that Martin O’Neill has resigned from the club after a disagreement with Randy Lerner. Here C
  15. tinkycarol

    Steve Martin - plastic surgery?

    Just got back in from seeing the new Meryl Streep film "It's complicated" which I really enjoyed and thought was funny. However, I couldn't get over Steve Martin, the actor...what is going on with his face? I couldn't tell if it was botox or the windtunnel look from too much plastic surgery...
  16. Martyn

    Is it another Tony Martin case?

    Burglar, 17, stabbed to death after raiding home - Telegraph I know what if i catch scum in my house they'll end up in hospital and me probably in the nick.:27:
  17. M

    Hi we are martin and jan

    Hi all, our names are jan and martin we are about to buy a 2 bed apartment in akbuk
  18. C

    Nigerian Scam? ROLAS MARTIN

    Message for Emlaks! Sorry didn't know where to post We have received emails from a man called 'Rolas Martin' representing a rich Politician in Libya with 15m US Dollars to invest 'secretly' in Turkey! This guy has been pursuing us for a few months and most recently rang us from a mobile number...
  19. M

    hello from martin

    Hello everyone. Havent been around for a while. Some of you might remember me from the closed down forum. Im the one that has accidents(usualy self inflicted. Still got my place in Altinkum and looking forward to going out later this year (work allowing) Bombs or not.
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