1. mollag

    Mars no more?

    Sorry to report this post by Mariette from The Mars Cafe, Gumusluk, A favorite haunt of ours, put me right on the back foot this has :ohwell: I can only wish Mariette and Halis all the very best for the future. :kiss: Sorry to let you know that we're cleaning out Mars Cafe today. You won't...
  2. B

    Will we ever put men on the planet Mars?

    Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on plans to colonise Mars - BBC News I think that it will happen, but not in my lifetime unfortunately. Bill.
  3. newhorizon

    Mars One 100 final applicants shortlist to be announced

    Mars One, the Netherlands-based non-profit organization that plans to have a permanent colony of humans based in Mars by 2025, will announce the final 100 applicants shortlisted for the one-way trip to the Red Planet next week. The Dutch organization is a bit of a mystery. NASA says a manned...
  4. ted j

    India sends spaceship to mars

    It only cost £45 million ...still,never mind, they still have £235 million of the aid the UK gives them every year You really couldn't make it up India sends a spaceship to Mars after UK gives £280million in aid | World | News | Daily Express
  5. yalimart

    Spiders from Mars

    Well not quite Mars but imagine awakening to this beastie sharing your pillow Martin
  6. altinkum kev

    Latest pictures from Mars

  7. perfect1949

    A NASA robot lands on mars today

    i wonder if they find life on Mars , after spending 2.5 Billion $ on the project there most be something up there . dave
  8. janied

    Mars Cafe

    Good morning, we will be arriving in Gumusluk in 5 weeks and wondered if anyone could tell me if the Mars Cafe are still having their buffet nights and could you remind me which evenings they are held. We went several times last summer and found it a great way to sample lots of Turkish dishes...
  9. G

    Mars Cafe in Gumusluk

    I'm quite new to Bodrum and surrounding areas. We, by chance ended up this evening at Mars Cafe in Gumusluk (at the entrance of the craftmanship stores). This is a very friendly, customer orientated business run by a couple from the Netherlands and Turkey. We ordered just chips/french fries and...
  10. perfect1949

    smokers avon at mars bar in gumusluk

    tonight i went to mars bar in gumusluk . not been there for a long time .anyway the owner started smoking behind the bar ,i said yok ,no, and he started laughing . and another guy started smoking as well . so i said is this a smoking bar to his wife and she said yes laughing as well . so i left...
  11. T

    Life on Mars

    Following on from the ufo thread has anyone seen today`s Sun, page 35. Pictured on the surface what looks like a gorilla type creature seen by a robot vehicle, ok it could be a rock but the close up really looks like a figuer with muscle definition (says the guy who likes Fringe and X files)...
  12. L


    Not sure if this is the right place but couldn't work out where to post this. Just been outside in the UK and the bright shining light to the left of the moon is apparently MARS and this is the closest it will get to us for many many years propbably not in our lifetime, it is amazing
  13. ceemac

    Mars and Venus....

    Vive La Difference! Women’s English 1 Yes = No 2 No = Yes 3 Maybe = No 4 We Need = I Want 5 I Am Sorry = You’ll Be Sorry 6 We Need To Talk = You’re In Trouble 7 Sure, Go Ahead = You Better Not 8 Do What You Want = You’ll Pay For This Later 9 I’m Not Upset = Of Course I’m Upset You Moron 10...
  14. K

    mars cafe

    Hi all,for all those that have a place in Gumusluk and go to Mars cafe you will no dought know the american guy Bob who lives here full time,sad to say he was found dead at his house yesterday,dont no what happened yet but to young to go at 55.
  15. P

    NASA find water on mars!

    Finally, some photographic evidence of water on mars! Does this now mean that aliens really do exist? ;)
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