1. Kalkan regular

    Marry your rapist

    No comment needed.
  2. S

    Kids raped and forced to marry- not a Muslim in sight

    Girl, 11, 'forced to marry her rapist' from church in Florida -
  3. S

    If you are religious, is it a bad idea to marry a secular Turk?

    I'm religious, for instance, I don't eat non zabiha meat even though I live in a western country, I don't listen to music, I pray 5 times a day, I use to grow a beard until my secular mother forced me to shave (I'm 17, so...her rules), I fast during Ramadan.....etc. would it be too much of a...
  4. teosgirl

    Can a 7 year old marry a 25 year old?

    According to the cleric and social fabric foundation president, Nureddin Yıldiz, they can. Cumhuriyet Gazetesi - '6 ya??ndaki çocuk evlenebilir' '7 ya??ndaki k?z çocu?u ile 25 ya??ndaki erkek evlenebilir!' - Gündem - T24 So, my question is posed to those of you who are enjoying the debate...
  5. bickern

    would you let YOUR 16-year-old marry the barman she met on holiday?

    When 16-year-old schoolgirl Jaydene Roberts first developed a crush on the handsome barman at the hotel in Turkey where she stayed with her parents and sister last August, the family dismissed the fling as a holiday romance. But just a few months on, Jaydene is about to return to Turkey to live...
  6. Yalides

    Would You Marry Again?

    A husband and wife are sitting quietly in bed reading when the Wife looks over at him and asks the question..... WIFE: "What would you do if I died? Would you get married Again?" HUSBAND...
  7. bickern

    Iran passes a law allowing men to marry their 13-year-old adopted daughters

    A new law in Iran that allows men to marry their adopted daughters at the age of 13 has caused major concern that the country's new president is not as progressive as originally thought. President Hassan Rouhani has been hailed as a new moderate voice in the controversial Middle Eastern...
  8. juco

    Any reason you shouldnt marry........

    .....speak now!
  9. suzyq

    '10-year-old girls can marry,' says Saudi grand mufti

    Is Saudi Arabia going backwards? It is permissible for girls to get married at age 10, Saudi Arabia's grand mufti has said, criticizing those who want to raise the legal marriageable age, the World Observer reported on its website April 24. A girl becomes ready for marriage at the age of 10...
  10. teosgirl

    Turkish judge suggests rapists marry victims

    Family minister slams proposal on rapists marrying victims - Hurriyet Daily News Although this is not representative of the HSYK, it should be a concern that someone who is supposed to represent justice suggest such an idea. Charlotte
  11. A

    Where do i get capacity to marry certificate

    My fiance and I are getting married in im british, and hes turkish...i was told i need a certificate for Capacity for marriage...aswell as my certificate of no impediment...the only problem doesnt tell you ANYWHERE how to get one... :/ please help...imdat lutfen!! we both...
  12. G

    Marry or not to marry?

    Hi everyone, Im just after some advice really..... Iv been with my Turkish/Kurdish Boyfriend for 8 months now and we have spoken about me moving to live in Turkey and and few years later save to get married. We have said about me moving in 2012 after me sorting out work and life etc over here...

    Will You Marry Me?

    (Evlenme Teklifi) (Will You Marry Me?) Yerinde kölen, yerinde efendin Sometimes your slave, your master sometimes olmak istiyorum I want to be Hem efendim hem kölem olur musun? Want to be my master also slave? Kızdığımda kaplan, kızdığında süt dökmüş kedin When I angry as a tiger...
  14. SuperBogs

    Watch Who You Marry!!!

    THE DIFFERENCE IF YOU MARRY A CANADIAN GIRL Three friends married women from different parts of the world. The first man married a woman from America. He told her that she was to do the dishes and house cleaning. It took a couple of days, but on the third day, he came home to see a clean house...
  15. H

    wanting to marry in bodrum

    hi im new to this forum and need some english with a turkish fiance.we want to get married in bodrum this year.i know i have to get paperwork etc but i need help in finding somewhere to get married.we want the equivalent of a registry office,i am divorced and on 16th april my 300 days is...
  16. R

    we want to marry in Turkey this September

    My 'hubby' (I feel too old for boyfriend and really don't like partner), have finally decided to marry after 7 years together. As we both have had two relationships in the past that went wrong we didn't want to rush into marriage:) We both hate fuss and don't want to marry in the UK but would...
  17. shirleyanntr

    todays word is evlenmek .. to marry

    Todays word is get married. Evleniyorum..i am marrying… are marrying… evleniyor .. he/she/ is marrying....evleniyoruz..we are marrying… are marrying (plural)..evleniyorlar..they are marrying. These are all present tense. İf you want to...
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