1. C


    Hi all, Question from the wife, does anyone know if and where you can buy Marmite and coconut milk from? Thanks in advance.
  2. Mojive

    Pot of Marmite in my Rucksack?

    Help please, Can I carry on the plane a pot of marmite in my Rucksack not taking a suitcase as only away a week! Yes or No?? Sorry if this is a dumb question I think yes but need someone to confirm. Thanks in advance Peeps :) Mo xx
  3. Mojive

    Who loves Marmite read this!

    Now I love Marmite always bring it with me on my holidays to Turkey cant get enough of it!!Not so keen on the ole Irn Bru though to be honest! BBC News - Canada 'orders Briton to stop selling Marmite and Irn Bru' Mo xx
  4. C

    Does anyone know where to buy Marmite in Istanbul?

    Hi Just wondering where to buy Marmite in Istanbul. I was able to get it in Fethiye at the "Pork Shop". Is there one of those in Istanbul too? If so, where and which one is closest to Ataturk airport area if there are several. Thanks for your help. Desiree
  5. altinkum kev


    Love me love my Marmite, stupid Danes banning it, stick your Danish beer where the sun dosent shine. and i will eat your bacon with Marmite on it. Marmite banned in Denmark because it contains too many vitamins | Mail Online
  6. Yalides


    Marmite, love it or hate it. Personally I would sooner eat my own toe jam. Thread for things you love to hate or love to love. Ayran, prawns, real ale and jazz music are also on my hate list. Love cockles, chips and Lager.
  7. KKOB

    Marmite - The Inside Story

    Marmite was created in 1902, 16 years after a German chemist called Justus Liebig discovered that the yeast waste from brewing could form the basis of a protein-rich food. The spread was the brainchild of Frederick Wissler, a Swiss, George Huth, a German, and Alexander Vale, an Englishman. Love...
  8. KKOB

    My Mate Marmite

    Here's a bit of light relief. Marmite, most folks either love it or hate it. Let's try and keep this one on topic, and uncontroversial.
  9. R

    Marmite, Choc, Salad Cream, Bisto ???

    Hello If anyone living in Turkey( Akbuk- Altinkum area) wants some choc or bisto or an item they really miss, within reason,lol, I can squeeze a few items into my case as I upgraded and can take 2 cases per person now... Just reply here or drop me a message. Cheers Rach
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