1. G

    Marmaris today

    How is everyone today.
  2. Camden

    Body Found in Marmaris

    Corpse found in the creek in Muğla A male corpse was found in the creek in the Marmaris district of Muğla. There was no identity on it. people that know Marmaris is that not the small foot bridge to Netsal Marina ?
  3. T

    Marmaris to Istanbul

    Next year we are going back to Istanbul, but thought about the train. We think this is right bus to Ismer then train to Istanbul . Correct me if i am wrong thanks.
  4. Camden

    Marmaris World Rally Championship

    Marmaris is in the eye of the world again! $ 150 million revenue expected Marmaris, is counting the days to host World Rally Championship, the world's most prestigious rally for the second time in a row. Based in Marmaris, Datça will be held between 12-15 September, the FIA ​​World Rally...
  5. T

    Service Laundries in Marmaris

    Hello Marmaris, Returning, after 8 years, for the month of April and wondered where I might get a weekly service wash done. Personal clothing. I shall be staying at the Blue Bay hotel. Couldn't find a related subject on TLF. Can anybody help, please? Very grateful, Colin
  6. bickern

    Marmaris hit by tornado waterspouts

    Twin whirlwinds hit Turkey’s southwestern coast. Several sailboats as well as four automobiles were damaged by the waterspouts in the coastal town of Marmaris in Turkey’s southwestern Mugla province. Twin whirlwinds hit Turkey?s southwestern coast
  7. M

    Looking to rent in Marmaris?

    Hi all, I’m looking to move out to Turkey and looking for somewhere to rent in Marmaris (starting off with rent to make sure it’s the right choice for me) thinking of moving early next year, maybe March time - does anyone know of any good websites to use or any property owners on here looking...
  8. Camden

    Irish Tourist caught stealing in Marmaris

    Saw it on Turkish news tonight Tourist ‘swallowed £30,000 2.5 carat ring in bid to steal it but ended up in hospital’ An Irish tourist has been rushed to hospital after reportedly trying to rob a £30,000 diamond ring by swallowing it. The incident occurred at a jewellery shop in the Marmaris...
  9. H

    Bus from Dalaman airport to Marmaris or Mugla.

    Are their timetables available.i fly alone next Tuesday and don't really want a private transfer to myself.
  10. R

    Marmaris Aug 18

    Hi expats, Love Turkey, visiting Marmaris early Aug 18 for a couple of weeks & would like some value recommendations for: Opticians quality & value Dentist - quality & value Resturant- decent meal to celebrate anniversary & wife's birthday Boat trip with lunch, not to commercial, a local setup...
  11. T

    Marmaris koop bus from fethiye

    I am coming to fethiye on hols in march and want to make an appointment with a dentist in marmaris. Does anyone know what time the buses go in the mornings from fethiye to marmaris please?
  12. Camden


    How the other half live !!!!! as reported on Turkish tv, and newspapers. The worlds supposedly most expensive yacht (if you could call it a yacht) anchored in Marmaris, no change out of 290 million pounds they said. Owned by one of the worlds richest people Russian billionaire Andrey...
  13. G

    Moving to Marmaris

    Me and my partner have decided after many years of visiting Marmaris to take the plunge and buy an apartment and give it a year to see if we can settle happily there. We will be renting out our home in the UK so that if things don't work out we can move back again. If we find we love it in...
  14. bal canavar

    1 Dead as Marmaris Tour Boat sinks

    One dead, two missing after motorized yacht sinks off Turkey’s Marmaris A motor yacht sank off the coast of Marmaris in southern Turkey on Aug. 2, killing one person and leaving two others missing, the local governor has stated. The 20-meter motor yacht named “Anemone” sank 200 meters off the...
  15. J

    Football marmaris

    Hello everyone, I'm travelling to turkey for the first time in October and I'd love to try and see a football match when I'm there. I'm staying in marmaris and don't mind if it's lower league. Can anyone point me to any maramaris local sides that might be playing? Thank you in advance Peter
  16. H

    apartment marmaris

    Hi anyone know we're I can rent a good appartment , not to expensive in amulat an for a couple of months, I have a daughter with downsindrome and has been poorly , trying everything to make her better , and the sun sea and change of scenery might just work , I hope xx worth a try. On the...
  17. D

    Villa rental needed icmeler or marmaris 2wks

    Villa rental Hi all I have been let down on a booking I made. I'm looking to rent a villa in marmaris or icmeler must be 4+ bedrooms with private pool for 2 weeks from July 18th thanks in advance
  18. C

    Hates emlak marmaris

    Hates emlak estate agency marmaris has anyone bought or sold property with this agent. thanks
  19. Mushtaq

    British couple arrested following marina fire in southern Turkey's Marmaris

    British citizen who was arrested in connection with a fatal fire at a marina in the southwestern Turkish city of Marmaris has been remanded on homicide charges. A court in the Aegean province of Muğla made the ruling Tuesday. British nationals, Billy C., 34, and Rosie P.G., 24, were arrested...
  20. S

    Doctors in Marmaris

    Are there any English speaking doctors in Armutalan or anywhere in Marmaris Please. Thank you.
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