1. D

    Christmas Markets.

    Just wondering if there are any GOOD Christmas Markets in your region this year, that are worth a visit. As we now live in Bulgaria, close to the Turkish Border, there no real good ones close to us. Our friends were asking, as they are thinking of travelling to Budapest (Hungary) to the large...
  2. S


    Hi, Can anyone please tell me where the markets are in Kusadasi now,i know the new indoor one has opened,but is there still an outdoor food market somewhere.
  3. suzyq

    Turkish president’s jab at Central Bank stirs markets

    President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s continued harsh criticisms of the Central Bank have raised concerns about the future of its governor, Erdem Başçı, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, both of whom are widely respected among global market players. Speculations about the possible...
  4. J

    Markets over the next few days

    Hello I was wondering what markets where going to open over the next few days! I have been so busy the last week not had chance to get to any!! We are leaving on Thursday! Thank you in advance
  5. Mushtaq

    Turkey plans to restructure it's financial markets

    Turkey’s plans to boost its local market infrastructure are moving forward. Most recently the Turkish exchange Borsa Istanbul signed a wide-ranging agreement with Nasdaq OMX aimed at overhauling its technology infrastructure. As part of the deal, Nasdaq OMX will take a 5% stake in Borsa Istanbul...
  6. suzyq

    Lira may need higher interest rates to escape emerging markets rout

    21 August 2013 /REUTERS, İSTANBUL, ANKARA The Turkish central bank's latest tightening may briefly boost the lira, but the currency could need far higher interest rates to protect it from the current emerging markets rout. The bank's decision on Tuesday to raise the upper end of its interest...
  7. E

    Alanya street Markets... When and Where??

    Hi all, Please could anyone advise me on when and where the streets markets are in Alanya. It will be much appreciated. Thanks.:)
  8. E

    Tuesday and Saturday Markets in Mahmutlar

    Hi all For the past two weeks, there have been no clothing or footwear stalls at the Mahmutlar markets. Is this the same in other towns? Does anyone know the reason for this, or if they are expected to return? Would hate to dissappoint my nieces and nephew who are expecting to spend their...
  9. G


    Hi all on tlf we are coming to altinkum mid-sept and was wondering if the evening market will still be open in maveshir - if so what nights and what time is the last bus back to altinkum. Also can anyone tell me if ther is still a market thursday a.m. At akkoy village, same as above - will it...
  10. I

    Side markets

    i'm holidaying in Side last two weeks in october and am wondering if the markets are still operating then
  11. shirleyanntr

    unauthorised foreigners in property markets

    Looks things are tightening up Unauthorized foreigners rent rooms, sell houses in southwest Turkey - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  12. L


    Coming over for two weeks and can't wait, pity I have to keep coming back though - just one little house sale and I will be there... Anyway, what I would like to know for now is what markets have already opened this season around Altinkum and on what days? I know that last year when I caught a...
  13. J

    markets in Alanya

    Hi Could anyone tell me when and where the markets are held around the Alanya area. Many Thanks Linda
  14. B

    Markets near Dalaman

    Hi All, Happy new year. We are hoping to come out end of March beginning of April to furnish our villa at Lakestone, so any advice or info on buying furniture etc etc to kit out our villa will be much appreciated. Am particulaly wanting to know if there are any good markets near by that sell...
  15. KKOB

    No Markets During Seker Bayram

    During the Seker Bayrami holiday which starts on 20th September and continues to 23rd September there will be no markets held at Hisaronu on Monday or at Fethiye Tuesday. This presumably will apply to the rest of Turkey so, if you normally get your provisions at a regional market make sure you...
  16. KKOB

    Plans To Combine Fethiye Markets

    Apparently the Fethiye Chamber of Commerce has proposed that the Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday Markets around Fethiye should be combined. In my view it will cause a huge loss in business to the fresh produce sellers as they'll have far less opportunity to sell their produce before it goes off...
  17. A


    which are the best markets to get your fresh food from. and on what days are the markets held.
  18. M


    hi all this question has probably been asked before, but i have been to a few markets over the years and have seen what looks like butter in bags has anyone ever tried it, and the milk that you see them selling in coke bottles, is it nice thanks all .mikey
  19. F


    Hi Can anyone tell me the best markets to go to around the Bodrum area. What days they are on and their opening times. I'm interested in clothes and leather goods and also a food market. Many thanks.
  20. G


    I hate big markets because I usually end up buying rubbish that doesn't fit and always meet someone who bought better stuff in the same market for half the price. They say that the Wednesday market in Kusadasi is the best market around, but it is just too big, too hot and too crowded for me...
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