1. Tenpin

    News How a Russian Natural Gas Cutoff Could Weigh on Europe’s Economies

    How a Russian Natural Gas Cutoff Could Weigh on Europe’s Economies Extract: The prospect of an unprecedented total shutoff is fueling concern about gas shortages, still higher prices, and...
  2. S

    State of property market this year. To buy or to sell

    Does anyone have knowledge of property market this year. How Much a 2 bedroom 100 square meter Apartment in Tosmur ,in Alanya worth?
  3. C

    Yalikavak Market: Is it open tomorrow?

    Does anybody know whether Yalikavak market is open this Thursday or whether it is closed due to the Eid holiday period? Thanks.
  4. A

    Istanbul’s prime market hit as investors rethink Turkish property

    articles a few months old but looks interesting With the referendum on April 16 endorsing a new constitution, Recep Tayyip Erdogan could become the most powerful president in Turkey’s history. His adversaries, including opposition politicians and an increasingly persecuted media, will not be...
  5. ted j

    Altinkum Market

    We have a few markets now, a new Monday market is on just 200 yards from our place , but seeing as we were out of potatoes , we went to the big Saturday market What I normally do, seeing as my legs are shot, is sit on the bike while Kath goes a few trips round the stalls gathering various...
  6. A

    Bargains at Side Saturday Market Today

    A friend and I went to the Side Saturday market today opposite the big mosque. It was really busy there - with mostly German tourists. I got 6 x pairs of 100% cotton socks in all colours for 5 TL. She bought a beautiful oval silver fridge magnet with Side written on it and a picture of the...
  7. bal canavar

    Terror at German Christmas Market

    Sad news like Nice France all over again . Berlin Breitscheidplatz: Lorry kills nine at Christmas market A lorry has ploughed into a Christmas market in central Berlin, killing nine people and injuring many more, police say. Police now say they suspect it was a deliberate attack. Video...
  8. T

    Selling market

    Can anyone please advise what the market is like for selling? Are people panic selling since the coup? We are being told that the market is flat and prices are low as people are panic selling, but we are not sure what to believe. If this is the case, would we be better to hold off a couple of...
  9. J

    Bodrum Market

    I wonder if anyone can help me, my daughter wants some "Ugg Boots" from Bodrum market. What day does the market sell shoes please? Thank you in advance :):thanks:
  10. bickern

    Another one about to bite the dust in the Turkish Money Market

    I don't really use 2Checkout, I have a very old account with them though so they have today sent me an email. ----------------------------------------------------- Dear Valued Customer, We are sorry to announce that 2Checkout will be suspending business operations in Turkey, effective June...
  11. W

    Yalikavak market

    Hi please can anyone tell me what is at the market on a Tuesday and Thursday as I believe it's been changed from the one day market. Thank you
  12. P

    Yalikavak Market closed??

    Hi All, Just wondering whether the Market in Yalikavak will be closed on Thursday July 16th as I understand that is the end of Ramadan? Thanks Paul.
  13. G

    Turgutreis Market Shutting down?

    Just heard tonight that the turgutreis market which brings in lots of revenue etc to the area has been given notice and will be leaving Turguteies in November, does anybody know any different or is it true ?
  14. G

    M.O.T. In Didim market

    Does anyone know when the next MOT day is in Didim market, I know it is once a month but don't know the day/date. Thanks in advance
  15. Bubskar

    Ortaca Friday Market

    Morning all, was planning a day to Ortaca market on Friday from Fethiye. However, I've realised it's the 1st May, Labour Day and Public holiday. Can anyone tell me if this means there will be no market trading on that day? Don't want to waste the journey down
  16. C

    Oba market

    Good morning and what a nicer morning it is, the sun is back out !!!! can anyone tell me if Oba have the market today or is it just Mondays ???? thank you xx
  17. T

    Koycegiz Christmas Market

    This Years Koycegiz Christmas Market is being held on Sunday 30th November at 10-00, situated next to the Mosque by the lake. Over 100 stalls selling Christmas Goodies, Crafts, Traditional Turkish & English Food and lots more. Santa arriving by boat, arriving at his Grotto about 12-00 Come...
  18. T

    Tory's - Market Research Letters

    Just received in the post a letter, questionnaire & freepost envelope from Davy boy..... He wants me to help him 'Secure a better Britain' :D I imagine every household in the country has been sent this important communication? My first suggestion Davyboy is Stop wasting more of 'our' money...
  19. J

    Old town market

    Hi Any markets on in old town from 29 to 31 August Thanks
  20. C

    Sunday market in bodrum

    Hi all, I wonder does anyone know if there is a market selling clothes around the bodrum area on a Sunday please ?
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