1. mollag

    Mark Field

    Any sympathy for the man's actions? Tommy / Nige lovers will most likely have some, I mean he feared for his life, although she was empty handed she might possibly have been armed with acid through the magic of "warraboutif" :noidea...
  2. suzyq

    Istanbulites to mark Ottoman conquest

    Istanbul is set to mark the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul on its 563rd anniversary with a major event created by a grand team of 1,200, as expectations rise for the event, which is expected to attract 1 million spectators. “A 563-men Mehter concert [an Ottoman military band], a show by the...
  3. suzyq

    April Jones: Mark Bridger Jailed for Entire Life

    Former slaughterhouse worker Mark Bridger will spend the rest of his life in prison for the abduction and murder of schoolgirl April Jones. The five-year-old vanished while playing on her bike near her home on the Bryn y Gog estate in Machynlleth, mid-Wales, on October 1 last year. Her body...
  4. kale

    Happy birthday MARK WILSHAW

    Happy Birthday have a great day Kale Yvonnexx :hungry::drum:
  5. immac

    After America - Mark Steyn

    I would like to draw people´s attention to this book. The American author is setting out his view of America in decline as a great nation, and to do that he draws on history to examine how other superpowers of the past have passed into relative obscurity. The book concentrates on America, of...
  6. bickern

    Mark Duggan death

    Mark Duggan death: IPCC 'may have misled journalists' Mark Duggan who was shot dead by police in Tottenham The police watchdog said there was no evidence Mr Duggan had fired at police. The police watchdog has admitted it may have misled journalists into believing police shooting victim Mark...
  7. Akasya

    Philip makes his mark

    Should be worth keeping an eye on this re run. I am hoping that the World's ( civilised world that is ) opprobium will enable these peaceful protesters to take their relief into the Ghetto that is Gaza. Israel accused of trying to intimidate Gaza flotilla journalists | World news | The Guardian...
  8. babsgood


    I wasn't going to post about this as there is so much other bad news on here at the moment, but now that we have our cancer corner I feel I can knowing that only people who are interested will read it. As some of you know in June 2009 Mark was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma, he had 6...
  9. John O' Dreams

    Fans to mark Ibrox disaster

    Thousands of local Glasgow Rangers fans will pay their respects this weekend as they mark the 40th anniversary of the Ibrox disaster. A large contingent of Ulster-based supporters are expected to be in attendance at the famous stadium to honour the 66 people – including an eight-year-old boy –...
  10. McDHibs

    Pointless thread of the night Mark 2

    Hi All me again Panda's I mean whats the point of a Panda, they eat bamboo? and need British Airways to have sex but only if they feel like it and nine times out of ten they dont. If I was getting a free flight I would at least make an effort, but not the Panda. Im all for animal preservation...
  11. O

    Mark from Oxford

    Hi Im Mark, and im 35 and from Oxford. Bought a property in Altinkum 5 years ago, and had a few holidays there, but now i think its time to live my life in the sun, and make the move. I would love anyone who has good advice, anyone who has a business links, or suggestions, and anyone who can be...
  12. ceemac

    Mark Hughes Sacked?

    Manchester City are close to confirming that Mark Hughes has been sacked as manager to be replaced by former Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini. Here C
  13. shirleyanntr

    Happy Birthday Mark Perrin

    Many happy returns to my good friend Mark..sorry its belated...better late than never im sure you are having a nice day though ..take care and see you both when you get here next :roundgrin :36329ht5b
  14. the sausage king

    Possible problem - Mark Weatherall of Perfect Pools

    Just been on another forum and they are quoting a possible problem with Mark Weatherall, who owns Perfect Pools, saying that a lot of customers are concerned about his whereabouts saying they are owed hundreds of pounds. I hope this does not concern any members and hope that this is not another...
  15. C

    Missing Irish Tourist - Mark O'Neill - Turkey (Bodrum Area)

    Guys, If you feel this post is inappropriate for this forum, please feel free to delete or move it. A colleague of ours brother is missing in Turkey (Bodrum Area) since August 15th, 2008. His family are currently in Bodrum trying desperately to locate any news regarding his whereabouts. The...
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