1. Yalides

    Maria Zakharoka

    Got to admit Putin`s Kremlin mouthpiece is a bit of a babe....
  2. yalimart

    Maria Miller

    Should she resign ? Does it show we are dealing with people who have little respect for us, the minions ? Or should we accept a little bit of corruption similar to other countries. This appears to be a cross party problem, but she is rather high profile. Martin
  3. carolk

    Maria (Guz1) and Craig (Ceemac)

    I miss them both!!
  4. Andy

    GUZ (Maria)

    Your message box is full, can you delete some please. Just goes to show how popular you are lol Thanks.
  5. shirleyanntr

    where's Maria

    ─░ve missed my friend Maria/Guz1 lately, i'm wondering where she is, anybody have any news..normally she is on here everyday but she has missed over a i hope she is well..and not done a Terry& Sue.
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