1. Tenpin

    News House sales in Turkey jumped by 20.6 pct in March

    House sales in Turkey jumped by 20.6 pct in March Extract: Residential property sales in Turkey surged 20.6 percent on an annual basis in March, according to data released by the Turkish Statistical...
  2. kemerkid

    17th March

    Today's the day for the wearing of the green. Best wishes to all participating.
  3. bickern

    March Jokes 2020

    A child asked his father, "How were people born?" So his father said, "Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies became adults and made babies, and so on." The child then went to his mother, asked her the same question and she told him, "We were monkeys then we evolved to become like we are...
  4. B

    Rental wanted from 27th March 2020 for 2/3 weeks

    Hi There I'm looking for accommodation to rent for at least a couple of weeks whilst I apply for residency and also look for more permanent accommodation. The accomaodation would need to be dog friendly ( I have a 5 year old cocker spaniel ) I arrive in Turkey from the 27th March. Any help would...
  5. D

    March Jokes '19.

    I really do hope, that some General in the Indian military realizes that the North of England is not part of Pakistan.???
  6. D

    March Jokes '18.

    I was at the checkout in Tesco's today when I noticed the guy in front of me only put one item on the conveyor belt - a Box of Condoms...! He noticed me staring and made super uncomfortable eye contact. So to lighten the mood, I put my Bottle of Ketchup on the Conveyor Belt and said...
  7. bal canavar

    Ultra-nationalist to block LGBT Pride March in Istanbul

    Ultra-nationalist group threatens to block LGBT Pride March in Istanbul The Alperen Hearths, an ultranationalist youth organization linked to right-wing nationalist Great Union Party (BBP), has threatened the LGBT Pride March set to take place on June 25 in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, vowing to...
  8. D

    March Jokes '17

    After both suffering from depression for a while, me and the missus were going to commit suicide together yesterday. Strangely enough, however, once she killed herself I started to feel a lot better. So I thought - sod it, I'll soldier on.
  9. S

    sarigerme in march

    Hi All, We are over in march and have never been over so early. We want to go walking in the hills around Sarigerme and even walk into Dalyan (its about 7 miles I think) but wifey is a bit worried about animals and insects breeding and being aggressive, does anyone know if its breeding time for...
  10. S

    Kindle critical updates required by 22nd March

    Hav'nt seen anything on here yet regarding Amazon Kindle updates. I've been informed as many others have that many Kindles have to be updated. This is now a critical update for many of us because we won't be able to use many of them after 22nd March 2016. We won't be able to access the cloud...
  11. teosgirl

    Another Ankara explosion - March 13th

    Turkey explosion: Reports of wounded in central Ankara - BBC News Apparently the US embassy knew there was a threat yesterday. Charlotte
  12. Mag

    Clothing for March

    Coming to Turgutreis last week in March for 10 days. Forecast 17 degrees during the day dropping to 10 at night, but quite sunny. What type of clothing should I bring? Won't be a pleasure trip this time so can't see us being outdoors too much. Thanks
  13. D

    March Jokes '16

    Just got back from visiting a lovely little place in Wales; Lloysthwycyyrigridarbrewwthh... (sorry there was a hair in my mouth). I actually went to Swansea.
  14. Yalides

    March jokes

    Last night I saw a purple ghost. It's probably just a methylated spirit.
  15. T

    Lara Beach in early March ?

    Hi, Please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong place. My wife and I have been to various parts of Turkey every year for the past 12 years but always in the summer. Yesterday she came in from Thomas Cook with the chance to go to the Royal Wings Hotel, Lara Beach, flying out on 3rd...
  16. R

    help needed re whats open in march please

    Hi everyone Looking to go istanbul for few days in march then maybe a week in yalikavak . Please could anyone give me idea on weather and who is open. Because of visa rule ican either go 4th march or 24th march . Thank you in advance for advice best regards Raine
  17. H

    will my March Visa cover me for June.

    I got a visa stamp at Dalaman Airport on 21st March, I know under the usual rules I would be able to do multiple entries doing no more than 90 days in 180, but now the "e visa" is in force I'm wondering whether I will have to get another for my June trip or will my March one still do?
  18. Mushtaq

    Turkish municipal elections 30th March

    There have been a lot of discussions on political events in Turkey recently. I just read this article which I found very interesting. The analysis on the current situation and possibly the election outcome is worth checking out...
  19. newhorizon

    Malaysian Grand Prix - 28-30 March 2014

    Race 2 of 2014 season is upon us already! Results of this mornings Practice below:- Results Practice 1: - 1 44 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:40.691 19 2 7 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari 1:40.843 0.152 20 3 6 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:41.028 0.337 19 4 22 Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes...
  20. teosgirl

    Internet outages tomorrow - 25th March

    I've just received news from a friend that there will be planned internet outages tomorrow. Coincidentally on the day that some sensitive videos are due to be released regarding the PM and his daughter. There's a vague notice popup you can read on the TTnet site: TTNET No specific...
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