1. W

    Elyafli sutut + marble + external painting

    would welcome any advice re this product. Have been recommended its use to put on my external open terrace walls to help counter adverse weather. Is it any good and is it applied after painting or before painting? also many owners on our site are having marble put on the top of their walls to...
  2. M

    Advice on cleaning marble!

    Hi Can anyone give me some advice on cleaning the marble floor in my bathroom, there are limescale/water marks near the bath/shower and its all discoloured, (a yellowy, browny colour), and doesn't look very nice, don't want to run the risk of using the wrong product and ruining the floor so...
  3. bickern

    Cast Iron Wood Burning Fire with Marble Plinth

    I am placing this here for a friend, so PM me if you are interested and I will give you their email. Cast iron wood burner/soba with marble plinth Available now for 450tl (1200 new). Buyer will need to pick up from Inli├že by Gokova/Fethiye
  4. shirleyanntr

    marble wall heating

    ive been asked if there is anyone on the forum who has this..marble wall heating...what do they think about it...and where did they buy it from..price stc any info greatly appreciated.
  5. B

    MArble cleaning

    Hi Guys. Alan again I have a fab oruc built villa lots of lovely marble flooring. after 2 seasons of renting and the flooring has lost its lustre. aNY IDEAS ON WHO AND WHAT CAN BE DONE. aS ALWAYS THANKYOU for your help. Alan
  6. H

    marble worktop

    Hi guys, I am coming out to Gumusluk later this month to do some work on my house, including replacing a short laminate kitchen worktop with a marble one. A thread a while ago mentioned a stone mason next to the cemetery on the road out towards Turgetreis, who could cut and supply this but said...
  7. P

    work to balcony marble plinths

    Hello everyone. Just come back from 2 wks in May and had a lovely time. However for anyone who owns top floor apartment in c and d block (maybe all blocks but we cant see that far!) be aware that work has been done on the marble tops on the balcony at the pool side only. This consists of 2...
  8. carolk

    Cleaning marble floors

    I have used the search facility to no avail. I have marble floors in my new place that desperately need cleaning. I had a man give me an estimate to clean them with a machine and the cost was 500ytl plus 220ytl to the Tedas for the extra umph of eclectricity needed to operate the machine...
  9. T

    Marble polishing

    Help please. Does anybody know where or how we can find somebody who polishes marble. We have marble floors that have been neglected and we want to have restored to a beautiful shine. We are based in Bodrum/gundagon so a local person would be best. Tom & Babs xx
  10. GnD

    Anyone Know An Individual Or Company That Would Help With My Marble Worktop & Floor

    Anyone Know An Individual Or Company That Would Help With My Marble Worktop & Floor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did put this on the Dalaman thread but maybe more chance of an answer putting it on here. :attention :help: Does anyone know...
  11. GnD

    Marble Flooring and Worktops:help:

    :help: Does anyone know any of the following answers; A good marble polisher company or individual in Dalaman that would polish out scratches and rebuff the original shine? This apparently needs someone skilled. I had thought to buy a hand polisher in UK and take over, but not only is the...
  12. C

    Marble tiling??

    Hi i need some tiling done through out my property in Calis but it's hard to know who to trust at times. Anyone had any done recently?
  13. D


    Have posted this on a different forum, but no joy yet. Does anyone know of a marble specialist/fitter (for kitchen worksurfaces) preferably english speaking, in the Turgutreis/Gumusluk area of Bodrum? Cheers
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