1. Tommie

    Google Maps

    I have used google maps for goodness knows how long but, as yet, I have not found out how to get a clean map. What I mean by this is that I just want to see the roads etc, but not any businesses. I can easily show what I want on my own map but I want to hide others, like banks, restaurants...
  2. immac

    Maps - Free Downloads

    Many Turkish maps produced by government are restricted, but others are available free on their updated Web site. Don´t get excited, there is nothing in the range of UK OS Maps. Site says: "Only unclassified products are releasable to individuals. Topomaps at scales 1/25 K,1/50 K and 1/100 K are...
  3. A

    Maps and Google Earth

    We all know that detailed maps, such as the OS 1 inch to the mile , are not available here in Turkey. However, is there a GPS system or telephone app which tracks your journey which can then be copied to a Google earth map? I am looking to make and share route for local walks.
  4. D

    New maps

    There are maps available in England which are the best I have seen to date. In quality they are comparable to the Ordnance Survey maps. Fully contoured, in colour and scaled 1:75,000. The online sales office is contactable at Link to web page:
  5. S

    Street maps of Istanbul on Android?

    Does anybody know of a smart phone. gps enabled. android app that does not need internet connection for a street map of Istanbul? Thanks in advance.
  6. Tommie

    Google Maps

    I know that Google Maps was updated a few months ago. Since then I've noticed a few things have disappeared. One used to be able to right click anywhere on the map and a pop-up menu appeared. With that you could centre a map on that location. One of the other items that seems to have...
  7. A

    Turkey-Ordnance survey type maps

    I am a member of a walking club here in Fethiye. The local chamber of commerce have issued a very good book showing walks and cylce rides in the area. However the map provided is not very good. Has anyone come across any maps similar to the Ordnance survey maps printed in the UK?
  8. D

    Road Maps?

    We're coming to Turkey in September, flying into Dalaman & will certainly spend some time in Datca again. But we're going to hire a car at Dalaman & spend some time exploring the Bozburun peninsula before heading for Datca. Can anyone recommend a road map of the area, preferably available in...
  9. Bubskar

    Google Maps

    I can't seem to generate Google maps on my computer. I have been into a lot of holiday websites today looking for hotels in Antalya. Unfortunately the information re: hotel location on the resort maps are blank. Any help would be appreciated
  10. R

    Access to Google sites blocked (Try using google maps or google earth)

    Access to certain Google services blocked from Turkey | CyberLaw Blog Turkey a Democracy???
  11. A

    maps cost

    hi buying a house in akbuk and does anyone now the cost for the maps at present last time i think i payed 120lira and needed 2 maps this time been told its 800 lira big increase in 3 years can anybody help thanks :angel:
  12. KKOB

    Nokia Maps Advert On Digiturk

    There's an advert running regularly on Digiturk for a Nokia phone that you can get maps on. The ad shows a young fella holding the phone and walking through the streets, presumably in Istanbul, trying to find his way to a party, and there's a song being sung in the background. Now , we've...
  13. adamd

    A good map for everything

    I just found this ... 18797&z=16 You can add things to it.
  14. A

    Maps of Akbuk

    I have now produced a couple of maps of Akbuk and Akbuk North Bay showing locations of many, but not all, existing sitesi’s and new developments. I am sure this will be of interest to many readers of this Akbuk section. You will find them on my website and click on the link...
  15. Andy

    Google Maps on your Mobile

    Google Mobile | Maps for your phone
  16. Thechefster

    Datca Maps or tourism information

    Hi All! I will be staying at my new property at golden sands golf, Kizlan, Datca, during June this year (2009). I am thinking of hiring a car and would very much like some information or detailed maps of the peninsula. Anyone know where I can find this type of info? Many thanks
  17. Mushtaq

    Inserting Google Maps in Posts

    I have added facility to insert google maps into posts. After locating your map using Google Maps follow these steps;
  18. Mushtaq

    Inserting Google Maps in Posts

    I have added facility to insert google maps into posts. After locating your map using Google Maps follow these steps;
  19. KKOB

    Topographical Maps

    Thanks to the Russian Army there are now a huge amount of topographical maps available online. You should be a aware that the language used on the maps is Russian, but it's very easy to follow. Most of them can be downloaded for free from this site.
  20. Martyn

    Didim streets now on Google maps

    Never saw this before.,-95.677068&sspn=33.077336,73.916016&ie=UTF8&ll=37.361289,27.271349&spn=0.008101,0.018046&z=16&iwloc=addr and to save the map in Firefox...
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