1. K

    manzara insaat

    :132lm: not seen anything on the forum about this Manzara ?n?aat :62yd: thought it would have been brought up he seems to be still operating on the tasyka hill :der: i have heard that the new builds he has done are not up to standard and wonder where people sit re tapau etc :hmm:
  2. Esther Mofet

    Manzara Construction in Fethiye

    Duplicate post Please delet!!!!!!
  3. J

    Manzara Construction

    Seems to be a lot of talk locally about Manzara Construction and their current financial position, anyone on here heard anything? JF
  4. A


    Is anybody here owns an appartment in Manzara Sea view complex in Taşyaka? I am going to buy one, but Manzara Construction still has not received habitation certificate for the building without any explainations on this matter. Does anybody experinced the same problems? The construction was...
  5. T

    Manzara Project

    Hi anyone had any dealing with this it was by a company called Royal Resorts Turkey and had some good info. construction Vitaelex dev. property man Sky Blue Experineces Bodrum etc. I loss a deposit with them and I was wondering if another organisation took over. Any Info appreciated.
  6. H

    Manzara II

    This is the Manzara II Thread - hello guys & girls!!)
  7. M

    Manzara development in Yalikavak

    Re: Yalikavak websites Has anybody bought a villa in the small manzara development in Yalikavak. I would be interested in talking to anybody about their experiences. Regards Michael.
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