1. P

    Beko air con - English owners manual

    Martin, you are correct, sometimes I cannot see the wood for the trees. I worked back from the info they had sent me and the closest I can get is to a link to the page below. The manual they sent me was the last one on the list and seems to cover several different models but should help with...
  2. L

    instruction manual

    How's this for craziness; I purchased a new set of electric hair staighteners today and the instructions said how to use then safely, keep away from children, water etc and 'Do not use while sleeping' ! well I've heard everything now!!!!!!
  3. KKOB

    Penis Owner's Manual

    Written like a car owner's manual. I've certainly learnt a lot from it. Penis Owner's Manual
  4. J

    cost of manual labour?

    Hi Everybody out there. Can anyone fill me in on how much it costs approx to hire a labourer to do some heavy gardening work? Either an hourly. daily or weekly rate. Cheers.
  5. merlin

    Ayip! The Turkish Life Induction Manual....

    Sadly there isnt a manual that explains everything expected of us in Turkish culture, but I guess we could start one off here. Theres so many things that as foreigners we dont even think about in daily life that can start a 3rd world war if undertaken in Turkey... For instance, did you know...
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