1. B

    Good manners.

    BBC News - Manners are still a minefield as modern technology confuses I don't think that Debrett's has a role to play in this, but do good manners have any place in today's society? Bill.
  2. beyazbayan

    Manners Maketh Man

    When İ came here approx 9 years ago İ found İ was always offered a seat on the bus by turkish men of all ages. However, two days ago İ had a seat when a turkish closed lady holding a small baby got on, no seats left but six or seven well dressed and looking quite well heeled young men sitting...
  3. martin m

    TLF manners

    Hi all I dont start that many threads, maybe theres not enough going on in my life of interest to people,but i just wanted to voice a opinion about "TLF". As some on here know i am a lorry driver, skin head (bald), and tattoes, and i can swear with the best of any of you,but is there really any...
  4. Yalides

    Good manners

    Going on from another thread, what do you ladies like in a man ? Personal hygiene, manners etc etc ?
  5. ceemac

    The intricacies of good manners

    'It is interesting being a pregnant expat and living in İstanbul. Although I have lived in Turkey for seven years with my Turkish husband, Can, I still find much to surprise me on a daily basis.' Here C
  6. B

    Try remembering your manners.

    The main reason that I joined this forum, was because it was an informative and polite forum. Recently, I have observed a new trend creeping in. Some members are being intolerant, and impolite to, posts, or queries that arise within posts. PLEASE keep the tone of this forum above the level of...
  7. chesney


    I was bought up to always mind my P's and Q's, manners dont cost a thing my mum always used to say. Today whilst searching for something on askjeeves I realised something, after each question I ask the search engine I say please.... eg. Could you find me info on Turkey please? Just hope...
  8. T

    What happened to manners

    I have lived in kusadasi for ten years (not in and out like some ) I dont fly in and out of turkey every year...i have made it my home. Tripping over to samos every three months to renew your visa is not living in turkey. These people spend the winter in central heated homes in the uk only to...
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