1. Leyley

    Manisa mesir macunu

    I managed to buy some Mesir Paste of Manisa in Mugla recently. Does anyone know of a more local supplier to Dalyan? Why do all my friends who have Turkish boyfriends find this so hysterical?
  2. babsgood

    manisa turkish

    has anyone any idea why this site has disappeared? (also known as manisa turkish) I am starting my lessons again in a few days and as I haven't looked at anything for a good few weeks I thought I'd do some brushing up but its gone!! there are some other sites which...
  3. jnj


    Has anyone visited Manisa, or can give information about this city. Its approx. 30 miles north east of Izmir. Thanks
  4. shirleyanntr

    manisa turkish

    this site is written by an englishman who has learnt turkish for many years. the site has loads of information and is worth taking a look.just type turkish manisa in a google search
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