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    2 Bed Garden Apartment Mandalya Gardens - Akbuk

    Hello I have previously posted a thread with information on a property that I have for sale on the Mandalya Gardens development in Akbuk. The property is still for sale and I haven't had many enquiries from members of the forum although I have had some interest from listing the property with...
  2. A

    Garden Apartment at Mandalya Gardens for Sale (Akbuk)

    Hello all Forum Users I have the following property for sale: Fully Furnished 2 Bedroom Garden Apartment on the Mandalya Gardens Development in Akbuk. I have tried to include as much information as possible for any potential buyer so apologies for the long post. Property Details The property...
  3. D

    Mandalya 2010

    To ALL the owners and management of Mandalya Gardens, Here's to a prosperous and happy 2010 for all Hopefully we can all pull together to show off our development for what it truly is an excellent family holiday location, for which we should all be proud to be a part of. best regards, Dave and...
  4. C

    Mandalya Gardens

    Hi there, I am very new to this Forum (today) and was very interested to hear comments regarding Anne and Besim and the Mandalya Gardens development. I am one of the ones that had to cancel near completion, really did not want to but became extremely ill, maybe go into details another time...
  5. A

    Mandalya Gardens Gig - Ticket Discounts

    Anyone planning to go to the Special Turkish Night & BBQ at Mandalya Gardens this Friday (10th July) can get 20% discount off ticket prices if you use this reference “AKBUK ROB” but it is only valid if you book by Wed night at the latest. So that’s 20TL instead of 25. Their bookings No is 0531...
  6. A

    BBQ Nite at Mandalya 19th June 7pm

    For anyone interested, there is going to be a great bbq nite with 60's and 70s motown music and live music at the new Mandalya restaurant next Friday nite. The cost is 20tl for a 3 course dinner including mezes, bbq of steak, chicken, etc and salads etc and desserts. Should be a great evening...
  7. A

    Owners Association - Mandalya Gardens

    Dear all I am trying to form an owners association for those of us on the forum that have purchased at Mandalya Gardens. I thought it would be a good idea to have one so that we can share information, discuss issues regarding the development and have some strength in numbers where we disagree...
  8. A

    Mandalya Gardens Apartment in Akbul for sale

    Hello all I am considering selling my property in Akbuk which is in the Mandalya Gardens development. I have set out an advert below with as much information as possible on the property that I think any potential buyer would need to know. I haven't attached any photos of the development but...
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    Hello all I asked Mushtaq to set up a Mandalya Developments forum within the Akbuk forum and he has kindly done so. I thought it would be a good place for members who have purchased a Mandalya property to share information, tell stories, introduce themselves etc. Hope the forum is useful...
  10. A

    Mandalya Gardens & Furniture

    Hello all I am new to the forum and was hoping for some advice from the members. Ihave purchased a garden apartment at Mandalya Gardens which has just completed. The developer / investment company have sent through details of the furniture pack to furnish our 2 bedroom garden apartment. The...
  11. C


    can anyone tell me anything about the Mandalya Site,in Akbuk and also is there anyone on the Forum buying there. manythanks countryboy
  12. eadie6679

    Mandalya Gardens

    We are going out to Akbuk at the end of January to view the Mandalya Garden complex. From the web site it seems to be just what we are looking for. Well built 2 bed, 2 bath apartments on a really nice site. This is Mandalya's 2nd project with Mandalya Apartments being the first. Does anybody...
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