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    Mandalinci Jewellers / Silver shop.

    Once again got very good value and service from both Mesut and Rasit in Mandalinci Jewellers and Mandalinci Silver shop. 2 very nice young men to deal with. Would recommend them to anyone buying gold or silver jewellery.
  2. A

    Contact details for mandalinci jewellers

    Hi , I am looking for contact details , email , post etc for Mandalinci jewellers in Turgetreis . We bought 3 White gold rings from the guy there in oct 2010 and the White bit ( rhodium ) is coming off and the rings look horrible and cannot be worn . We have bought excellent quality items off...
  3. B

    Mandalinci properties

    Hi all we are renting a property managed through this company does anyone have any info on them thanks
  4. K

    Mrs Sadece (sp.) Mandalinci

    I know some of you out there may not have heard of the sudden death of Mrs Mandalinci (I believe of a heart attack) yesterday. She was well known to many of us who have been long time visitors to (and now residents in) Turgutreis. The loss of yet another great character. My condolences to her...
  5. D

    Mandalinci Hotel

    Hi U all what news of the Mandalinci Hotel. Kemal from Target Bar told me it was going to be real nice, but is it ready. I am out on the 25th May. is the meeting still on for the 27th ? Take care everyone.
  6. C

    Mandalinci Spa &Wellness Hotel

    After speaking to the asst manager of the hotel apparently its due to be completed and opening on March 10th. We were lucky to be shown around and its looking very nice, at the moment they are finishing of rooftop bar and some painting, the bedrooms are finished and newly carpeted. The hotels...
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    Mandalinci property

    Can anyone let me have contact number or email for Mandalinci properties so that i can contact them and also let me know if they still have an office in Turgutreis. Many Thanks
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    Mandalinci Hotel

    Hi u all in the lovely Turgutreis. Following the sale of the Mandalinci Hotel is there any news of Sina Mandlinci? I see the property website is still active but appears to have some properties on that have been on for years. Is the property business still active? For those of you who have...
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    No Tapu - property bought thru Mandalinci

    HI We bought our property through Mandalinci almost 2 years ago and still haven't had the tapu despite being promised it numerous times. Has anyone else had this problem. We know there was a delay because of the military situation last year so were patient but we are back to square one again...

    Mandalinci Properties

    Hi Everyone Has anyone had any more info regarding what will happen to their property after the hotel closes. I have heard that we will forfeit our properties to the new owners, but I have no ideal if this true or not. I have had an e-mail asking for almost £2,600 to transfer my Tapu to a...
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