1. yalimart

    Manchester to Antalya

    A new route from Manchester to the cheapest holiday city in the world, is that true ? Martin
  2. Camden

    Manchester stabbing: Arndale Centre evacuated as police respond to reports of multipl

    Hearing from home ....Manchester stabbing: Arndale Centre evacuated as police respond to reports of multiple injuries Police have been called to reports of multiple injuries after a stabbing close to Manchester Arndale. Pictures and video on social media show large numbers of officers...
  3. yalimart

    Pegasus Manchester

    Pegasus launch flights from Gods fair city. Martin
  4. bickern

    After arrival at Manchester

    I gather picking up is restricted and they literally overcharge by the minute at Manchester Airport. Is it possible to walk past the restrictions and have someone pick you up on the road or somewhere about?
  5. E

    Attack Manchester

    Is this true i have just read in the turkish paper Manchester attack in Moss side at a carnival . Ten hurt.
  6. suecheshireuk

    Dalaman - Manchester

    Can anyone suggest a route or airline for getting from Dalaman to Manchester. We have to go back in January, and Turkish airlines are wanting silly money. Thanks in advance. xx
  7. S

    Turkish Lessons in Manchester

    Hi, I would like to tell you about North West Turkish Academy. We have been teaching Turkish to children and adults for 2 years in Manchester. North West Turkish Academy not only provides Turkish lessons for children and adults in Manchester but also brings the Turkish-British community...
  8. C

    Thomas cook flight Bodrum to Manchester, cancelled

    Anybody on the Thomas Cook flight back from Bodrum to Manchester Saturday night - Sunday morning, cancelled until 4pm the next day. No information given and around 300 people put up in hotels. Whats happening with Thomas Cook?
  9. A89

    Love from Manchester

    RAF crew write 'Love from Manchester' on Hellfire missileĀ  | Daily Mail Online alison
  10. Spurs

    Manchester bomb

    Whatever the cause, my thoughts are with the people of Manchester Police respond to Manchester Arena blast reports - BBC News
  11. A

    Manchester to Antalya flight

    Is anyone travelling on the manchester to Antalya flight on friday 10th march and heading in the direction of marmaris or even better datca? I had a transfer booked with transfer only who have now decided to refund my payment as not viable for one person.I am happy to share fuel costs etc.
  12. L

    Pegasus Canx all flight from Manchester to Bodrum

    Just seen that Pegasus have canx all the summer flights from Manchester to Bodrum. The flight on 30th May from Bodrum is still flying but will go via LGW. Hope this news does not effect to many people, specially with ThomasCook taking strike action, Sharon
  13. J

    Car Hire from Manchester Airport

    Hi, Thanks to the users who replied to my message about the above. The problem was that we didn't have a credit card but only a debit card however, we have managed to get car hire from a company called Indigo (they are brokers for other companies but our car hire is with Avis). We got an amazing...
  14. J

    Car Hire from Manchester Airport

    Hi Has anyone hired a car from Manchester Airport (England) and if so who would you recommend and also what ID do you need if you are actually living in Turkey. Thanks for any help
  15. Sunny Seasider

    Manchester Airport Easyjet Check In.

    We travelled with Easyjet to Sofia yesterday and experienced their new Chech-In procedure. You place your own case on a separate scale and scan your Boarding Pass, it then prints out your hold baggage ticket with the weight of your case printed on it, .(after placing your baggage ticket around...
  16. Firefox

    Fed up with Manchester

    Its seems even if you hate living in the UK & want to go back to where you come form the Police prevent You.? Iranian migrant 'fed up' of Manchester demands return - BBC News
  17. yalimart

    Manchester the new capital o England

    No wonder Gideon and Posh Dave want the Northern powerhouse, now known as the Northern powercut because they cut the funding straight ater the election. We knew they were lying because thats what they do. but they may have to reconsider...
  18. J

    Antalya to manchester flight for sale

    Easyjet flight for sale due to change in circumstances. Sunday 14th June, leaves AYT 21.55 arrives MAN 00.35. Includes 2 x 26 kilo luggage. 100 english pounds and I will pay the fee for the change of name. Please PM me if interested. Many thanks:95im:
  19. K

    New Beginners' Class in Manchester Area

    Merhaba, I am pleased to announce that we are opening yet another Turkish BeginnersĀ“ Class in Didsbury this September. The new course is designed for absolute beginners, starting from the very beginning like the Turkish alphabet and basic sound production in Turkish. If you are interested...
  20. M

    Hello from Manchester

    Hello all, I thought I would join here as I have left Dalyan now. Many of you will know me as Kadri from Binlik Hotel in Dalyan but those close to me will know that we moved over to UK permanently at the end of last year. To those I will not see this year I send my regards. It is colder here in...
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