1. Freedom 49

    Manavgat Forest Fire

    To say that we are cooking here in Side today would definately be an understatement. The forest is ablaze in Manavgat just 6kms from here and it's added something like 5C to our daytime temperature. It's very sad to think that once again, endless small animals will be killed, as well as the...
  2. C

    Physiotherapist in Side or Manavgat area?

    Does anybody know an English speaking physio for sports injury in Side / Manavgat? Thanks as always! :)
  3. gally

    Manavgat Estate Agent

    Hi Can anyone tell me the name & address of an english speaking agent in Manavgat thanks. Not Side, I already know of some there. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. F

    New marina in Manavgat?

    Has anyone got any news about a new marina in the Manavgat river? I found this video on youtube Manavgat Yeni Nehir Yat Marina Projesi - YouTube
  5. A

    In Side or Manavgat - Samsung Repairs?

    Are there any shop that does repairs on Samsungs? In Side or Manavgat, Antalya and Alanya too. It is for an S7 Edge which has an issue with the display due to broken glass. The cost of a display and glass change in Sweden is about 300 euro! Thank you to anybody who can answer this query...
  6. F

    Manavgat motorcycle festival

    Anybody been there before? When is It this year?
  7. F

    Marina in manavgat?

    ls there any plans of a new marina i Manavgat? Best regards Thomas Kristiansen
  8. A

    Arrest in Manavgat Hotel

    - to do with the Paris attacks = Suspected ISIL scout in Paris attacks arrested in Turkey's Antalya - EUROPE
  9. A

    Residency Permits in Manavgat?

    I have heard there will be a DGMM in Manavgat to do our residency permits there - does anybody know where - and when - it will open please? I know in the meantime we must go to Antalya though - which is a pain.
  10. shirleyanntr

    Manavgat massive fire yesterday

    if you wondered why there was no electricity in alanya for most of yesterday it was due to a massive forest fire near Manavgat...20 hectares of forest has gone dreadful.. and of course the cables that come over the mountains from Adana its a credit to the emergency services that they have got...
  11. E

    Manavgat Fire

    Has anyone seen the fire at the waterfall in manavgat.
  12. J

    Bus from Belek to Manavgat

    Hello everyone, Do you know if it is possible to catch a bus from Belek hotels to Manavgat market on Mondays? I imagine it will be necessary to change bus somewhere, but any advice is welcome! Thanks Simon
  13. J

    Holidays in Manavgat

    Hello, We are a family of 4, and would like to spend our summer holiday in Manavgat. We went to cappadocia a few years ago and loved it! I remember the buses were great in Turkey. Will there be a bus from antalya airport directly to Manavgat ? And are there dolmus buses in Manavgat to travelnto...
  14. K

    Public ballet classes in Manavgat?

    I've heard that there is a ballet class for kids that ISN'T a private class, in Manavgat. Does anyone know about this or how to get in touch? I've looked online, but I can't find any reference to it. Thanks! K
  15. G

    Dentist in Manavgat

    Hi-Does anyone know of an english speaking dentist in Manavgat please? I've used Halile but my problem is rather complicated and I need to explain. I don't speak any Turkish. I'm getting conflicting advice from two private dentists in England so need to be fully understood!
  16. J

    Tomer Turkish Language Camp in Manavgat

    Hi I apologize if this topic has been posted on another thread, but I'm new to the site and have been poking around this sub-forum without much luck. I do not live in Turkey and actually have never been to Turkey (but of course, would love to visit). I have been studying a little Turkish...
  17. A


    just pulled ın here thıs mornıng and wonderıng ıf there ıs anythıng ı should check out! any nıce places to vısıt, nıce restaurants etc... never been here before. on a more ımportant note, where to go for my breakfast? ım starvıng! can anyone recommend anywhere good? or.... anythıng? c'mon, ım...
  18. S

    village in manavgat

    hiya all, just booked up again for april,cant wait as usual. Just need some help though,a few year ago a tour guide took me up into the mountains,im sure it was in manavgat+took me to a village that i think had been destroyed in an earthquake(his english wasnt to good!)but im sure thats what he...
  19. gally

    PO Box in Manavgat?

    Hi Can anyone advise what we have to do to get a PO box in the PTT in Manavgat. I believe its quite cheap but I haven't got a clue how to go about getting one. Went in the other day, got totally confused and came straight out! It's rubbish when you can't speak Turkish - really must learn!! :brick:
  20. E

    Bus Alanya to Manavgat

    I'm going this wknd to Side (Kizigalac) from Alanya to visit relatives who are staying at the Majesty Club Palm Beach Hotel/Kizilagac Mevkii Manavgat. Is there anyone who has done this trip b4 from Alanya, and if so which is the best way to get down there. Thanks Edy
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