1. shazyboy

    Reputable property managment company ın didim?

    Hı all looking to rent out my two bed apartment in didim (long term rental) . Can anyone please recommend me a trustworthy estate agent who can carry out a property rental service without ripping me off silly? .:dooh:
  2. Martian106

    Numerouno Property managment Side

    Hello, Has anyone any info re Numerouno the property management people in Side. I had, what I thought, was a good meeting with them back in June, they seemed keen to take on the management of my house, but now I have texted and Emailed them for the past 3 months but no response, Have they gone...
  3. S

    complex managment

    Can anyone advise us on the owners taking over the running of our complex. The builders are the present managment company, we have worked out they are getting approx £100,000 a year from us. There is no way the expenses are anyway near £30,000, the interest they will be earning alone would paint...
  4. K

    Managment company??

    We are looking for a new managment company to look after our site in Side, can anyone recommend anybody?
  5. T

    Updating the managment plan in line with condo law

    I read on this site soemwhere that legally the Management Plan must be updated with the latest condominium law is this correct? I cannot find the post. Thanks
  6. PARA

    Managment company SIDE

    Good evening Could anyone recomend a trustworthy managment company please in the Side area. BT
  7. F

    Property Managment Services

    Can anyone recommend a Property Management Services Company in the Belek Region ?
  8. A

    Property Managment & Cleaning agents

    Could anyone point me in the right direction of cleaning and letting agents in Altinkum. is it better to use the one company to clean and rent the apartment or is it easy enough to property manage from Wales...looking into doing the whole package of transfers, cleaning and renting of property...
  9. superpp

    Recommend me a Property Managment Agent

    Just completed the purchase of our apartment in Hisaronu and looking for a recommend agent to look after it when empty and when rented. Please recommend local companies, so that I can follow up with them.
  10. C

    property managment

    can any one advise on a good property managment company that can look after our property while we are in england
  11. Martian106

    Holiday Let Managment

    Hello all. I am looking for a Holiday letting agent in the Side Manvagat, Alanya area, want to start renting the pile out next year, Does anyone have any suggestions ... Help would be most appreciated..Ta Y'all:28:
  12. C

    Property Managment

    Hi All Dont know if i have posted on the right thread but would like to introduce myself and my husband we have been members for quite a while now and we are starting our own buisness to look after peoples property over the winter and also summer months if needed we have had this buisness in...
  13. S

    managment company info please

    Hi guy's, Can anyone recommend a good management company in Altinkum??? :noidea: Look forward to hearin from ya :) Gill
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