1. BjornAndMahnaz

    Looking for rekomendations for managing a 14-24 villa site

    Hi Our site is looking for offers to manage our site 'Akbuk Beach Villas', it is 24 villas that is looking for someone to manage Gardens, pools and security. The site is located just after Kerem site with the big flag by the traffic lights on the road to didim (before Migros). If you are...
  2. P

    Managing Agents for Rental property

    as you may know I fancy a house somewhere on the Bodrum peninsula. As it will be for holiday rental I need a local company to hold the keys, meet & greet the guests and to organise the cleaning and laundry Does anyone know of good, reliable companies that do that. And if so what areas do they...
  3. ceemac

    Managing Money Matters Abroad

    The number one reason why expatriates are forced to give up on their dream of a new life abroad is because they fail to get their money matters in order – fact. This fact alone should be enough of an incentive for you to ensure you do not make the same mistake. But just in case you need more...
  4. T

    Managing agent for Sunflower

    Has everyone seen this proposal? (My reply comes first, BTW) Hi Doug, I’m not sure that we need to take over the management of the complex. I think that Turkey can be a legal minefield for the inexperienced and that Oracle have both the experience and buying power to get good deals. I think...
  5. I

    Managing your own site

    We are a complex with 5 permanent residents - all villas are UK owned. If one of the residents becomes the site manager and takes a fee - say £40 per month from each villa owner for providing the management service - does this constitute 'working' in Turkey and would a work permit be required...
  6. R

    Guests need managing too!

    We are a management company in Kusadasi and we act as agents in Turkey, for our clients rental property, We provide transfers to and from Izmir and Bodrum to Kusadasi. If they have never been to this area we give them a local brief on sites and sounds, and translations if required. In addition...
  7. I

    Cost of Estate Agent Managing Utilities

    How much does an estate agent charge for managing utility bills and looking in on apartment from time to time please.
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