1. G

    Management Plan Example

    We have a Management Plan for our complex however we are looking to update as it is over 8 years old. Does anyone have a recently completed Management Plan that we could use as a guide to ensure we do not miss any new rules or policies that others have found useful to include. Many thanks in...
  2. A

    management plan or condo law

    Hello Condo law states that owners must receive registered invitation to owner meeting at least 15 days before the date. I have looked at the management plan that was lodge when the build took place about 8 years ago and it states that only 10 days notification is required. Which is correct??
  3. T

    Complex Management

    Our complex is run by Turkish owners. We are UK based and were not invited to AGM in 2017, or sent minutes or accounts for the past 2 years. This year we received an email written in Turkish regarding court procedure for non-payment of maintenance - the email was not sent to all owners - the...
  4. A

    Owners want to take over management of the properties on a complex

    Hello All I thank you all who offered sound advice when the builder shut off my water at the property. One of you suggested that the owners get together and take over the management. Well, we are going to do that!!! We are 16 properties with a community pool. Owners are from the UK, Germany...
  5. A

    Property Management Yalikavak

    Can anyone recommend a good property management company in Yalikavak, thanks
  6. Y

    Property Management

    I have been recommended to use a company called Tuseta for property management can anyone who uses this company please advise me regarding their reliability. Many thanks.
  7. H

    Changes to Management Plan

    Does anybody know the actual legal process for changing the Management Plan? I understand that any changes to the plan must be agreed by 4/5 of the owners, but what form does this agreement have to take? We have been advised that 4/5 of our owners, (or their POAs) must attend the land registry...
  8. Y

    Property management

    Hi, does anyone know how to get hold of a JP in connection with condominium law breaches ?
  9. S

    property management services

    Apologies if there is another thread on this topic. Could we please ask for recommendations for property management and cleaning services in the Tuzla area. Thank you
  10. L

    Property Management services

    H, can anyone recommend a property management service that operates in Ovacik, cleaning, checking after rentals etc. thanks
  11. M

    Side Property Management

    Does anybody know if Side Property Management have gone out of business. Over the last few years their service has deteriorated to the point that this year they have not visited my house at all or paid any of my bills while we are back in the UK. Adnan and Mete are not answering their phones or...
  12. A

    TCL Rules and Management Company

    Hi can somebody advise re TCL Rules. Living in a complex of 80 aparrments. Management Company is the builder ( conflict of interest? And is this legal) always voted by majority at AGM. Nothing legally signed between Committee/Owners/managenent. Is a contract required from management co. stating...
  13. J

    Tender for Site Management

    I am looking for companies that would be interested in tendering for the site management of a sitesi.T The management company must have experience of managing a sitesi of 100 properties. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know on this thread. Any company interested can PM me for...
  14. C

    Management Fees

    Our manager in anticipation of Management fee debtors has assessed the number of debtors and added a sun equivalent to that debt back on top of the projected cost of running the complex and divided this total according share of land to arrive at individual management fees. Whilst I can see the...
  15. christella


    Tracy has been running olive gardens for the last 2/3 years and has made an exerlent job of running it But due to other commitments she will be leaving us So we need somebody else this year
  16. V

    Accessing Site Management Plan

    hi - we need to access our site management plan. Can anyone please advise as to where we could access this and what is required to do so. For example we have been told that we can get this at the Title Deeds Office but we may need a solicitor to do this. Surely not? Could the site inspector not...
  17. M

    Property Management

    Hi - can anyone recommend a company / persons to assist with managing my apartment?? Looking from simple airing and keeping an eye or through to providing guest cleans and maintenance. Thanks Mark
  18. M

    Site Management

    Can anyone recommend a site management company for a site in Golturkbuku? It is mainly apartments with long term renters with a small number of British owners who have holiday lets. Therefore an English speaking person would be preferable.
  19. mollag

    American/english management explained.

  20. J

    Apartment management and bank

    |Hi I am looking for someone reliable to manage my apartment in Konakli. Anyone got any experience of someone good and reliable. Also have got a bank account with HSBC in Alanya. Not used a great deal and nothing in it last time I went as bank had taken out charges even though it hadnt been...
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