1. E

    Lebanese man loses his German citizenship at the last minute.

    Lebanese man loses his German citizenship at the last minute refusing to shake the hand of the lady giving him his certificate for citizenship. Good enough for him.
  2. Tenpin

    Man has had Turkish ID given to women his whole life

    A 48-year-old man has been found to have lived his whole life with an orange-colored Turkish ID, given only to women, when he was taken to hospital after getting injured in a fight in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district...
  3. S

    Man Flu

    Have appalling flu since Thursday Havent slept for 3 days Taken all the over the counter crap - useless Any tips
  4. mollag

    Typical Isle of Man RTA.

    Total gridlock after this shunt 69191966 370123863678836 7010273344005950778 n 2 - YouTube
  5. E

    Has the Isle of Man gone rogue

    Sorry couldn’t resist!:48:
  6. Jaycey

    The Wolf Man

    Meet the wolfman who became the 'pack leader' to grey wolves at a nature park...
  7. IbrahimAbi

    How can this man stay out of jail?

    As far as I can see trhe article does not mention jail time, yet 'Pope Francis has defrocked former US cardinal Theodore McCarrick after Vatican officials found him guilty of soliciting for sex while hearing Confession and sexual crimes against minors and adults, the Holy See said on Saturday.'...
  8. bickern

    Turkish man sues wife for battering him

    A Turkish man has filed a criminal complaint against his wife whom he accuses of beating him for having a cosmetic surgery. According to a report published by Sabah newspaper on Oct. 30, the 40-year-old man who works as a medical staffer at a hospital in Istanbul’s Zeytinburnu district has...
  9. bickern

    Man Does Everything For His Rescued Stork

    Man Does Everything For His Rescued Stork - KLEPETAN & MALENA | The Dodo - YouTube Man Does Everything For His Rescued Stork. This guy's been taking care of his rescued stork for 25 years — and they're part of the most epic love story
  10. S

    Can a Man Emergency Levy imposed by Board

    Emergency Levy imposed by Board A question for all you legal eagles. Our Baskan has imposed an Emergency Levy to raise money to pay for essential services to run our site. We have apparently run out of money and therefore the emergency levy. Can a Board impose a levy - I thought such a levy is...
  11. bickern

    If a man says he'll fix it

  12. IbrahimAbi

    Well done that man

    We could do with a bit more of this spirit in the UK and Turkey. How many expensive imported cars do we need for our leaders? Mexico’s president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has vowed to uphold a promise to sell a luxury presidential jet, despite getting grounded on a commercial flight...
  13. bickern

    Issız Adam

    The film follows the lives of two people who live in Istanbul who happen to meet each other in a second-hand book shop. Issız Adam | English Subtitle - YouTube Alper is from Tarsus. He and Ada live different lives; Alper is a free-spirited man in his thirties who is the owner and the cook of...
  14. Jaycey

    Police in Germany rescue man being chased by baby squirrel

    Emergency services received a call on Thursday from the man, who claimed he was being chased down the street by the tiny animal. Police in Karlsruhe said the unnamed man called them in desperation after he was unable to shake off the small rodent. Officers sent a patrol car out to investigate...
  15. suecheshireuk

    Man with a van needed, or suggestions

    Yet another hurdle ... we plan to bring three large suitcases, and a large box, containing a Christmas tree over in September, now, any ideas how we can get them from Antalya airport down to Fethiye area ? Initially we thought of a big taxi to the otogar to pick up the Pamukkale bus, but if...
  16. S

    British man dies at Dalaman airport
  17. SLEEPY

    One man one vote

    Interesting synopsis of how things started in this neck of the woods..reminded me of my older sister bringing me to first my march as a young boy .. Northern Ireland’s lost moment: how the peaceful protests of ’68 escalated into years of bloody conflict...
  18. C

    Man claims he,s not dead!

    Constantin Reliu a 63 year old Romanian has told a court in Barlad Romania, that he is still alive, despite a death certificate being issued for him! The death certificate was obtained by his wife after Constantin spent over 10 years in Turkey, without contacting his family! Constantin...
  19. A

    Mumbai Man Sodomises Dog For Three Days, gets arrested

    There seems to be no end to this atrocity. Just a few weeks ago, we heard of a gut-wrenching incident of a 34-year-old who raped a female puppy, dumped her body in a sack and left her bleeding in Delhi. Also read: 34-Year-Old Taxi Driver Raped A Female Puppy & Dumped Her In A Drain Where...
  20. A89

    joiner / odd job man??

    Does anyone know a joiner or reliable odd job man in Alanya please? At the moment I need my skirting board coving stuff replacing. But would be great to know someone who can do other odd jobs. alison
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